Posted by: pogostix013 | June 4, 2011

Something Big…REALLY big…

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, poor ep had to do all the work…=( Sorry! But anyways, here’s ALL the posts you guys missed.


First up: Super pause!


Hold it right there!

Have you ever wished you could freeze the action in Poptropica, so that you could read a line of dialogue, or look a little longer at a cool graphic? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve added a pause button to the upper-lefthand corner of your Poptropica game screen that lets you stop and resume your game at any time by clicking on it. For even faster pausing, you can use the F8 button on your keyboard.

Happy pausing!



Yeah, okay, that’s cool and all Mr. Crawlfish, but there’s only one thought in MY head: what about slow mo? You know, matrix action in poptropica. Slow mo spinning leaps across the world, parkour that defies the laws of physics, et cetera. Tell me when we have THAT option: I’ll definitely be using it. The point is that it works, and it’s on a cool island, so you should definitely check it out. =) Onto the next post:


A pirate’s life for me

It seems like a lot of people are discovering what I already knew, which is that pirates rule. Didn’t you know? Well, there are a few ways you can indulge your buccaneering side on Poptropica.

The pirate captain costume is available in the Poptropica Store for the low, low price of only 75 Credits — and, of course, free for Poptropica Members.

And Poptropica’s longest and deepest quest, Skullduggery Island, is available for everyone to play. If you haven’t beaten Skullduggery Island yet, what are you waiting for? You can finally defeat Captain Crawfish, who, I don’t care what the polls say, is definitely the best Poptropica villain ever. But I’m biased.


Great, WHAT NOW?? No new costumes for like, what, a month now? They’re just re-advertising stuff! Wish they would make more game shtuff, like items and costumes instead of fluffy little pink Mr. Hare toys. (I actually want one of those, lol…) I wouldn’t say that it’s the LONGEST island (Astro Knights is REALLY long…) but it’s still an island I’ve enjoyed, Skullduggery. Digging for stuff, roaming the high seas (no, the seas not drunk…sorry. It’s not a sea of beer either, if some of you are getting ideas. It’s still an awesome map-er, island, I mean.)


Next post:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Red Dragon Island is now open to everyone!

Red Dragon Island is now available to everybody. Head on over to Poptropica to start playing!


Heheheh, it’s finally OUR TIME TO PLAY! Non members, sorry, it’s supposed to be sunny this weekend, but you know, it’s still worth staying inside to play. Kinda. Ooooh, FINALLY new island!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

Those of you who are planning on checking out Red Dragon Island this weekend will find something else waiting for you on Poptropica: the name of our newest Island!

The next Poptropica Island will be Shrink Ray Island, and you can read all about it on the Shrink Ray Island info page.

There’s much more exciting new stuff happening on Poptropica. Keep checking right here for all the latest details!

avatar image

oh, right…shrink rays. Are they running out of ideas? Shrink ray, really? So here’s the info page…


Apparently, it’s about some kid genius who gets stuck as a midget. (My re telling…) Sounds okay, I guess.


Well, sorry again for the delay, and my computer is lagging up AGAIN, (It pisses me off!!) so I gotta go, see ya, and have a nice weekend playing RED DRAGON ISLAND!!





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