Posted by: Rainbow Dash | June 19, 2011

too bad the code isnt for microsoft points on xboxlife

Hi, it’s Elmopwns here. I’m here with a new post on how to redeem your code from any Poptropica toy! If you don’t know about the Poptropica toys yet, see Hicoga’s last post (complete with a nifty looking picture. nice job :D ). Anyways, every toy comes with a special hand held item to use in your online game. So your getting a virtual item as well.

They can only be obtained by buying the actual toy and redeeming the code that came with it. The creators have done a new post detailing instructions on how to redeem your virtual gift!

How to redeem the code from your Poptropica toys

We’re hearing that Poptropica toysare starting to show up on the shelves of Toys “R” Us stores all over the place! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check them out in person. But you may be wondering how to use the code that comes with each toy, which gives your Poptropican cool new powers and costumes.First, make sure you’re logged into your saved game. If you don’t yet have a saved game, create a new character, press the round “save” button, and create a username and password. Make sure to keep the username and password safe!

Next, you can enter your code in one of two places. When you log into Poptropica with an existing account, you can enter your code in the lower righthand part of the screen.

Or you can visit the Poptropica Store by pressing the star icon in the top right of your screen. The place to enter your code is located in the upper right.

The code works the same way in either place. Once you’ve redeemed it, go to your in-game inventory and select “store items” from the dropdown menu to use your new goodies.

Last, and most important: Enjoy!

So it’s pretty self-explanatory. You enter the code by clicking the star and typing in the promo code, and then you get a new gift or power! Thanks for the instructions, creators! The virtual items have a long range of things:
  • Sir Cador
  • Dr. Hare costume (Does that mean they fixed that cheat to become Dr. Hare?I better go check…hopefully not!)
  • Shark Boy costume
  • Stealth Agent
  • Spy Agent
  • Crystal Crusader
  • The Green Hawk (Note: you can get this via playing super power island, but the green wires that comes with the costume cannot be obtained)
  • Captain Colbat and Crimson (come with flying parrots…ftw!)
  • Booga Shaman (I’m pretty sure you can costumize him on Shark Tooth Island)
  • Shark Surfer
  • Dr. Hare hand held toy
  • Hare spell! It brainwashes anyone you control! Too bad it actually doesn’t brain was them…jk :D
  • Cool kid hand held toy
  • Cool kid power, cameras flash for you since you’re “cool”
  • Shark Boy hand held toy
  • Jump the shark power, throw a fish and try to get it over the shark!

That was the list of all the powers, costumes, and hand held items you can redeem by buying a toy! Note: If you want costumes, the 6-inch plastic toys are for you! If you want powerss or hand held toys, the plushes come with those!

EP signing out!

Have a great summer! HAGS!


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