Posted by: Rainbow Dash | June 23, 2011

Dr. Hare Imposter!

I’m here with a quick, people! ?A new costume has been revealed on the creators blog! Remember that Dr. Harepost awhile back about an imposter. Turns out you can actually get the imposter! Dr. Hare is now customizable for the first time ever!

At last, I have discovered the identity of the counterfeit Dr. Hare. Unfortunately, the truth is worse than I had feared.

Anyone who gets the Dr. Hare 6″ figure will also receive a secret code that will allow them to costumize Dr. Hare for the first time ever. That means that anyone could be disguised as Dr. Hare! There will be Dr. Hares all over Poptropica!

Oh, this won’t do. This won’t do at all.


So does that mean EVERYONE can go around dressed up as a guy in a hare suit? 0.0…it just hit me that everyone likes a bunny in a hare suit xD. Anyways, you can only get this costume off of redeeming the code from a poptropica toy…in other words, grab a toy from walmart or Toys R Us and run through the door as fast as you can without paying..jk…hope no one actually tries that. Anyways, readers of this blog should check out the poptropica toys as well. You can buy some at Toys R Us. And game cars can be bought at Target…speaking of target, i saw a guy walk out the front door without paying for two xbox’s..”- from one of my friend’s (samuel)…wonder wut the manager did to him. Anyways, pogostix013 will be offline for quite so time. He will be at camp over the weekend. Sadly, I can’t go because of conflicting issues during that timeframe :(. Get your own Dr. Hare….now….do it…are you convinced now?



*have a good summer!*


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