Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 5, 2011

status update

Hello, everyone. I am just doing a status update as of now. I’m currently using an installed proxy to view wordpress and such. I had a rough trip on my way here. It was pretty tiring on the plane. I only got 3 hours of sleep and all on the plane. I was right by the engine so it was noisy too. The meals were horrible. The lasagna was like glue with salt on it xD. On top of it all, I’ve only had 6 hours of sleep in the last two days. That’s probaly why I’m dizzy in the morning right now and was really dizzy last night, too. And to make things worse on the plane, they played 2 and a half hours of the movie Big Momma Two… Everything here has slow connection and I can barely get past the IP ban from the chinese government :/. But fear not, readers! I’m using a proxy to surf the web and post stuff. It’s really annoying that the communist party had to ban all forms of online communication though. I’ll still be able to post. Just to let you guys know a bit of life in China: the streets are pretty much polluted with trash and litter. The apartment buildings on our block looks pretty broken and rusted from the outside, but inside it’s ok. We’re living in a high end apartment compared to the other ones that don’t even have indoor plumbing :(. I’ll be able to post surfing the web on a proxy server. Thanks for reading this, guys. I’ll make sure to do the next post. . EP out until next post! It’s Tuesday here…like 10:00…stupid ip ban :/. So tired. Yet bored…NO HALO. I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THIS. I NEED XBOX LIVE….


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