Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 7, 2011

Island Restart

Hey, everyone, it’s meh back with a new post. I gotta do this one quick since I can barely get past the IP block here in China using my proxy server. So here’s the new PCB on a new feature. Here’s the quicky:

Announcing Island Restart!

One of Poptropica’s most requested features is finally here. Now, you can replay any Poptropica Island as much as you want!

Just visit the map screen on the Island you want to restart, and press the round “RESTART ISLAND” button in the bottom lefthand corner. Presto! Your adventure begins anew.

If you’ve already completed an Island and earned that Island’s Medallion, never fear! You won’t lose it. Your Medallion will still appear on the Stats screen. Plus, when you move your cursor over your Island Medallions on the Stats screen, you’ll even see how many times you’ve completed each Island.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your Poptropica adventure all over again!

So the feature is finally here. You won’t lose any medallions if you restart it, but if you beat an island like 200 times, it’ll show and you can certainly boast that to your friends ^^.  To restart an island, click the button on the left hand corner of the island on the poptropica map. Gtg, everyone. To the forbidden city. …11 more days without halo 3 0_0


  1. but i never beat wimpy wonderland and when i press the restart button the island just gets harder and then i press it a second tiime it still isnt the same from when i first started the island

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