Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 10, 2011

Ads? Try Mcdonalds, better chance there

Well, well, well. Guess which game company finally got big enough to make limited edition toys in fast food restraunts? That’s right, Bungie…

Not* (i wish..)

Starting from today, poptropica toys have launched in local “Karl Jr.” restraunts…ughh. I heard the burgers there taste like car tires D:. To get your own limited edition poptropica toy featured above, just buy a Karl Jr. Kids Meal and recieve your free poptropica toy. Honestly, try mcdonalds instead, creators. You’ll get better chances with their chicken mcnuggets that actually are edible :D. You can also redeem your code from the toy for online and virtual action. Well, gtg. BTW, Henryking1010, if ur reading this, me and pogostix are doing a project for school so can you please check ur email. i sent u messages @ Henry******@****.com (classified) to tell pogostix, since his emails out right now. Thanks. Check it now. We’re volunteering soon with the project. GTG..ughh. officially the 7th day without Xbox Live D:



  1. ok

  2. The code is coolkids11.

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