Posted by: Rainbow Dash | July 15, 2011

more stars?

This new superstars series just gets bettter and better :D. Today’s superstar is…Quiet Boot.

Quiet Boot has membership on Poptropica. She’s finished the two newest islands (Red Dragon and Shrink Ray) on the day they were released. Talk about dedication. The creators also mentioned about making de islands harder…gosh…NO…bad idea, creators (shakes head). Ugh. Shrink Ray Island lowered my self esteem by a notch at first xD. Quiet Boot’s certainly also been drawn into this “Prepare for Impact” game. She ranked…unbeaten. Another reason why you’d have to be pretty dedicated to do that :P. So, big congrats, Quiet Boot. You’ve certainly aced the game so far…almost two weeks without xbox live…0.0…cant…wait…for…halo…


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