Posted by: pogostix013 | August 4, 2011

Hey….missed me?

Don’t even ask. My computer is still lagging today, but I guess I can live to do another post. =)


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

May I take your order?

Just a little screenshot to whet your appetite for a new minigame that will be coming to Poptropica very soon.

avatar image


Uh, no, you can’t. Wait, is that a root beer??? Mmmm…..Anyways, it seems to be some screenshot from Mystery Train. Maybe a roadside bar or a resturant on the train. Either way, I can’t wait for that cool glass of rootbeer. Sorry for the short post, but I’ll get back as soon as I can.






  1. thanks, pogo! hey, r u going to the park on sat. with the runescape master? bring your game of life in soviet russia playing cards so u can tribute for soviet stardust destroyer metal dragon!

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