Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 12, 2011

dc diner now available!

The long awaited minigame DC diner is now available!

Play D.C. Diner now!

D.C. Diner, the hectic mini-game inspired by Mystery Train Island, is now online at Poptropica!

To play D.C. Diner, visit the travel map and click on the starburst next to the Mystery Train logo. Or, if you log in, you can click the D.C. Diner slide in the rotating feature box to go there instantly!

We hope you enjoy feeding the passengers of the Mystery Train. They’re insatiable!

The people want a quick bite before hopping onto the game. The game is simple: you’re the waiter and you must successfully serve the customers before they get angry. So the first step is to seat them and wait for them to order. Once they do, fill up drinks and give it to them. Then you’ll need to visit the chef for things like burgers and such. When they leave, 30 seconds is added to the timer. Time runs out=game over. You’ll get updates along the way like:
fast drinks
larger tray
large tray
faster cooker
they all give you special abilities like make dish washing easier or make orders quicker.

Prizes? Here’s the list:

  1. Edison Light Bulb
  2. Mark Twain haircut
  3. Eiffell tower hat
  4. Magician’s headwear
  5. and yes! A electricity spewing tesla coil!


Get out there and serve those humans, err, burgers…yes. 😉




  1. where is it im lost what is a STARBURST!!! IM REALD DONE THE ISLAND AND I WANT TO PLAY IT ON 2012!!!

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