Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 22, 2011

New Books!

Greetings, everyone! It’s EP here with the latest scoop from the PCB. This new post hasn’t been done in a day or two so I guess I’ll try and keep this blog updated. Here we go.

I bet you’re all familiar with the Magic Treehouse themed Red Dragon Island. Well on the main street there you’ll find a Magic Treehouse Store! Yep, one click on one of those virtual books inside the store will bring you to an information page. There’s information on the books on the page as well as a “Buy Now” button.

Well according to the new PCB post, they added two new books to the virtual store. The two are Dogs in The Dead of Night and Dog Heroes. Obviously these books have to do with dogs in Jack and Annie’s new adventures.

Dogs in The Dead of Night apparently has to do with Jack and Annie in the Swiss Alps where they meet monks. They apparently also train a wild young dog named “Barry” and Barry leads them to some mysterious flower that has to do with the story.

Dog Heroes has to do more with the actual facts in Jack and Annie’s stories and has more of an educational purpose. There’s a red mark on the book that says “Fact Tracker”. It mainly gives interesting facts like “Who were the most famous war dog heroes?” or “What breed makes good service dogs?”.

You can click the Buy Now button, and you’ll be redirected to the page to buy any of the books featured in then store.


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