Posted by: Rainbow Dash | August 28, 2011

summer’s end :(

Hello, everyone. How’s everyone doing? Fine? Chilling…not for long, though. Sorry to be the bearer of dreadful news, but sch0ol starts in one week for most of us :( .

Anyways, a few days ago Dr. Hare went around the world again…and where this time? Hmmm, the first post had me stumped. They gave us clues to where it might’ve been. The clues were that it was in a forest like region, was a National Park, and was along the east coast of the United States. Sure, that gives us information, but there are probably over a dozen of east coast National Parks.

Where in the World is Dr. Hare?

Dr. Hare is at it again! Where do you think he is this time? 

I guessed at first it was going to be a big one like Everglades, but nope. The answer is in the newest post!
Soooo, everyone take your last gueses…drumroll pleeeeaaaassseee. The answer has been revealed in a new post and it issss…Arcadia National Park!
The newest image shows the evil mastermind at the same park in the state of Maine…hiding in a tree and “planning another evil scheme” according to the PCB. Another evil scheme? Gee wiz, what do you get in stealing the world’s carrot supplies, Dr. Hare? They’ll go bad in a few weeks if you don’t eat like a million carrots by then…then another  evil scheme? What are you up to now? Trying to find out a way to genetically create all trees into growing carrots? Creepy.

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