Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 10, 2011

Mystery Train Isl. Walkthrough (officially first on the web)

Again, I have written another guide for the all new Mystery Train Island! The island has been released today. Are you stuck? Have troubles? Well then, no fears. The guide and resources are now available! Note: copying this guide will result in shutting down of site by government. Plagarism/copying other people’s ideas are illegal. The guide, I searched, officially first on the web!This took much effort to make from me…took hours.

Upon arriving on the island you will come off the blimp and be on a small cliff. Jump down and you will see an ad for the Chicago

World Trade Fair. The area is a dirt road. Keep on going and you’ll eventually see a long train, the Mystery Train. Keep on going

through the train station until you come across a man trying to push luggage into a train. Talk to him and offer him a hand. Time

for the first minigame. You’ll need to help the man, Thomas Edison, to get the luggage up the ramp. Click on the luggage peices to

swap them. The luggage peices balances and holds the board in place. Swap them to change the angle of the board. So here is the

correct pattern: It should be from the smallest peices of luggage listed to biggest peices, simple. Swap around in that order and

you’ll be able to move the luggage up. Thomas Edison says he will need your help and would like for you to come up aboard the

train. He gives you a ticket and tells you to meet him in cabin one. Board the train. The train will start going. You can make

your way across the different cabooses when it’s moving. You’ll have to move to the passenger cars in the back where you will meet

Thomas Edison in cabin 1. Along the way, you’ll meet another important character, the designer of the ferris wheel for the Trade

Fair. After talking to him, he’ll be discontent and tell you  the wheel isn’t working. You’ll recieve a telegram that he obtained.

Examining the telegram, it says “latest attempt to fix wheel stopped need more power” Keep going left until you find Edison. Along

the way it is notable you enter the second cabin of the passenger train which you can enter. Inside is a women. Talking to her

will let you obtain a phamplet to the Trade Fair. You’ll also meet an old man who designed the Eifell Tower in Paris. He’ll talk

how the fair isn’t “nearly as good as his tower”. You’ll also meet Mark Twain along the way in the seemingly endless train. You’ll

also pick up a pencil along a wooden desk while traveling through the train. At the end is the room for Edison. Enter it. Edison

will tell you to go meet the other passengers while you’re waiting for him. In the next room is a girl from Paris who boasts of

how great Paris’s fair is. She’ll give you a newspaper on the Paris Fair that is in French. Keep on going left. You’ll need to

talk with everyone. Everyone can be a culprit. You’ll meet a porter and some other people in a lounge. The train seems to go on

for a LONG stretch. Inside the lounge is the multiplayer room. Keep going left. You’ll also find a large room full or miscallenous

items from Greek statues to telescopes to tiki heads. Then you won’t be able to get any farther when you approach a man that says

“nothing to see here, scram!” Go back to Edison after you have talked with everyone. Make sure you have talked with everyone and

gotten everything you needed or it won’t work and Edison won’t assign you a task. Make sure you’ve gone in and checked each room.

Edison will then introduce a device that captures moving pictures to you. Then the lights will suddenly go out! And when they turn

back on, the camera is gone! Edison arrives with an NY Times reporter. In order to prove your own innocense, you must find the

culprit. By clicking on Edison, a list of clues will appear. The first clue being the dissapearance of the camera. Whenever you

click on someone the list will appear. By clicking on the picture of the clue, the man you’re interviewing will say a dialouge

like “I’ve been here the whole time, it wasn’t me.” Go to the room of Susan B Anthony, her name is marked on the window of the

door of the cabin. She’ll give you another clue that states “Nichola Tesla has been locked in his room the entire time.” That’s

your second clue. Upon interviewing Gustav Eiffel and clicking on the picture of Nichola Tesla in the clue page, he will say he

did hear a door open and close. Gustav is located in the hallway of the first passenger room to the left. I will no longer mention

location, so when you start this island please be rememberful of the location of each passenger. Go back to the NY reporter in

edison’s room. Upon clicking on the camera clue, he’ll say he remembered Mark Twain hiding something in a suitcase. Go back to

Mark Twain and click on the clue. You’ll ask him about the secret compartment he hid. Then click continue. He’ll deny he had a

compartment, but then you will insist on looking around. Look around his room and the wall, it should be hidden in the wall. Then,

click on one of the patches of square wood pattern in the woods and keep on clicking until a message “Thump” comes up. You’ll

think you caught the thief, but it’s really just a book. Then, the train will come to a stop. You’ll need to get off. Talking to

the conductor, he will say “where is the incompetent coalman?” Obviously he has been gone. Talk to the NY reporter outside the

train. He’ll say he remembered he heard someone running across the cabin hallway before the theft. THen the train will start back

up again and you’ll be on the train once again. You’ll find the Mark Twain clue has been eleminated since he was only hiding

abook. Go back through the train until you reach the middle luggage department. You will find a coal handprint mark on one of the

suitcases. Click on it and you will find another clue. Go back to the coal man at the front. Ask him about the print by talking to

him and clicking on the clue. He’ll say he went to get a snack but you’ll have to ask the porter. Go back down the train almost to

the very end. On the way in front of Edison’s room, you’ll notice stains. Click on them on the ground and you’ll notice that they

are tracks of prune juice, another clue. Talk to the Porter about the coal man. He will say he did stop to get a bight. The clue

will be eleminated so it isn’t the coal man. Next ask him about the prune juice. He will say it is confidential information what

the passengers ordered. The porter discards the order sheet into the air, blown off by the wind. You will say that “the order

sheet isn’t long gone.” Then click use with the pencil. You’ll obtain the order book from the trash. Trace your pencil around it

until you find out the orders. Nichola Tesla ordered a prune juice! Go back to Tesla’s cabin. Tesla will refuse to open the door

before. Upon going back to Tesla, you’ll pass the luggage part of the train where you find one passenger who gave you the

newspaper for the France Fair. Talk to her and she’ll suggest you get a costume from the porter room and serve tesla more prune

juice so he’ll have to use the restroom. Then you can get the key. Go into the porter room and go get the costume, a blue one.

Customize and then go near Tesla. He’ll think you’re a room service man. Then you’ll say “you ordered a prune juice?” Enter the

room of tesla. He’ll ask for a refill. Pick up the half full cup of prune juice on a counter in his room. Go back over to Tesla

and he’ll ask for a refill. You’ll keep on refilling his cup. Then he’ll need to relieve himself at the restroom. You have a

limited time to find the key. The key is hidden, and you’ll need to check his room before he comes back. There is a drawer on the

left side of the room. Keep on clicking through the shelves on that drawer, not the place where he hangs his clothes and suit, the

rectangular drawer. Keep on clicking until you find his luggage key. Now go back to the luggage area. Click use on the key. You’ll

find the device in it, you’ll be convinced he’s the thief! The guards come to arrest Tesla, taking him away. However once you

return the device to Edison, you’ll find that Edison is convinced there’s more to the story. Edison will replay the film since the

camera was running at the time that the it was stolen. The film shows Tesla in his room when the camera was stolen, proving Tesla

wasn’t there at the time of the crime. You obtain grainy photo of Tesla and evidence he’s innocent. At the front of the train

there is a detective that won’t let anyone near the prisoner. Despite your please that Tesla is innocent, he won’t listen. The

detective is another peice of evidence that he won’t listen to you. Ask Mark Twain, he will say that in order to get past the

detective to the front you’ll need to be on the top of the train. More talking to passengers such as the French lady will prove

you must access the roof. She will say “the train has a hatch to the roof”. There is an entrance in the luggage compartment. Jump

from the suitcases up until you reach the hatch on the cieiling, then select “go up”. You will be on top of the train. There will

be a short minigame. You’ll have to avoid hitting two types of objects while ontop of the train. One is a metal pole/train sign

from the ground. Slowly make your way across the top and make your way to the front of the train. But be wary. whenever there is a

flashing red light in front of you, see what type of light it is. If the light is a large red patch with a small area on the

bottom of the red light that isn’t shade red, it means you will need to duck in order to avoid the obstacle, a cliff of rock. If

it is the same except there is an area on the top of the red patch of light that isn’t red, jump. Then make your way to the front

and to Tesla. Ask how you can help. He’ll ask if you have something to write with. Use your pencil. He’ll give you a sketch of his

cabin. He’ll need you to go back and see if something is different in his cabin. Click on use for the sketch. There will be a

short minigame that will ensue. You will need to click on the difference. The difference is that a small luggage on the ground to

the far right of the room is closed, not open as it should be. Go back from the roof to Tesla. Talk to him about the open luggage.

He’ll say that he didn’t know how somebody opened it, another clue. The clue will be added. Go to Erick Weisz’s room and ask him

about the lock that was picked. He will say it must’ve been picked by an expert. Notice his body motions as he is saying this,

almost as if he is boasting of himself. Another clue will be added. The one who picked the lock is possibly Erick. Go back to the

NY reporter and ask him about Erick. He’ll give you an article and say that Erick looks familiar. It’s a New York Times article

with the same man as Erick. Erick is really Houdini! Go back to Erick’s room. There will be a lock picking kit that you obtain.

Erick will come back into the room. You’ll say to Houdinin you know who he really is. Then he’ll escape from a hatch on the top of

the train saying “try and catch me!” Go up the hole where Erick went. You’ll be on the top of the train again. Houdini will begin

to run away. The same train minigame will happen. Once you reach the caboose with misellaneous items, you’ll go into the

compartment. Inside the area you’ll see a large object that’s covered with a cloth. But you can’t get the blanket off. Now click

use on the siccors that you obtained. A quick note: The siccors were thrown at you and you recieved it when talking to one of the

passengers at the beggining. Use the siccors to cut the rope. Then you’ll see Houdini in a large water tank, drowning and saying

“blub, blub, blub.” You’ll need to pick the locks and get him out of there. To play the minigame, lift the pins of the lock to the

red line. The game is complex. There are a few locks. You must pick them before Houdini’s oxeygon meter runs out. Click on the

lock and then play the game. You must use lock pickers whose symbols on them equal the symbols of the several pins on each lock

you’re picking, and then lower or raise the pins to the red line. For example, while picking one of the locks you come across a

lock picker with the symbol of a circle. Then you must select that and click on the pin with the circle symbol. By moving the

mouse, you can move the pin up or down until the pin of the lock is in a certain position. This position is that there is a white

area on the front of the pine. The white area should be the only area past the red line. Move it to that position and once when

you’re done with all 4 locks, the container of water will open. You’ll accuse Houdini of being the thief. But of course, he’ll

deny this saying that the proof he had he was innocent was that someone stole his lock picks so he couldn’t get out of the

container of water. He’ll tell you to find whatever Tesla had was stolen and you’ll find the thief who stole his lock picks as

well. Another clue will be added, who stole Tesla’s item that was opened and takened from his briefcase? Go back to the luggage

department. You’ll need to figure what was stolen from Tesla. Go back up on the roof of the train and back towards Tesla at the

front. After talking to Tesla, he’ll ask you to get him out of his restraints and he’ll talk. Use the lock picking bag you

obtained to pick the handcuffs. Same minigame as usual. Pass the similar lock picking minigame and Tesla will be free from his

restraints. He said he was carrying a transformer available of generating fairly large amounts of energy…no, not the robot

Transformer xD. Just had to say that. You’ll recieve the sketch to the transformer. This sketch is another peice of evidence. Head

back to the back of the train where there is an area with misselaneous items. Then go one room farther beyond that. You’ll notice

the detective that blocked your path is gone. The detective is in the very back of the room, dozing off. Now if you go straight

foward, you’ll get caught because an area where stepping on a string activates a chain reaction, hard to explain, Kind of like the

domino effect making a chain reaction. It wakes the detective up. Now stop at the front of the room. Jump on the two crates at the

front and then on the blocks of wood that lead all the way to the back, above the dozing detective. You’ll be able to use this to

safely get across. In the very back room is a luxurious area full of neat carpet and tables and paintings. There’s even a few gold

bars on the table. There will be a man there. Upon talking to him you’ll learn he is President Cleveland. He’ll say he’s been

trying to solve the mystery as well.He’ll ask you for your evidence that you’ll need to put together and solve it.As the president

goes along with his story from the beggining of the camera thief to the end of the transformer thief, he’ll ask you various

questions such as “as Nicolas Tesla was peeping through Edison’s doorway and the lights went out”, at here a short miniscene will

play showing Tesla peeping through the doorway and spilling prune juice. Then he’ll ask you what he was carrying. Down below the

page on the list of clues, select Prune Juice, which was what he was carrying and spilled. If you’re stuck, look at the short

miniscene and see what was going on then. Continue these steps and  phases until you have found your culprit. You’ll find out that

the thief stole Edison’s camera and hid it in Tesla’s trunk, which really wasn’t Tesla’s. The nametag on the trunk was a fake

nametag. The president advises you to go back and check the luggage, because it really belonged to the thief who put a fake Tesla

nametag on it. Go back to the luggage area. Use the luggage key to open the luggage bag. You’ll find under the cloth things from

France! THat leaves two people now, the French reporter girl or Eifell. Go back to Eifell in the passenger hallway. He’ll admit

he’s French, but that I’ve overlooked a detail. The hankerchief you found in the luggage of French things is a ladie’s

hankerchief. That could only mean one thing, your suspect is the French lady, the reporter. Then the train suddenly stops. You

arrive at the fair. Outside at the train station the French lady runs off saying “The ferris wheel must be destroyed. Paris shall be the greates nation.” Give chase to her and go left. The lady will then frame you in the next area full of jugglers juggling items that may hit you and knock you back. She’ll say “guards, help me, I’m being chased by that person!” and frame you. You’ll need to outrun one of the guards there and make your way through the area full of jugglers and growling lions. Then enter the room where she went into. There are two guards. It’s impossible not to get hit by the jugglers, but you want to outrun the guards. Keep jumping foward, this will make you gain more distance and keep you from reach. What you want to do is not charge straight foward. Jump up to the part where the lions are growling, jump to the end where the last lions is. There is a stand next to the lions. Jump on the wooden stand. Then there are a series of bouncy roofs. Reach that area. Bounce your way across the area from these roofs until you reach the end roof where is is not bouncy. There is a snake coming out of a basket with the basket lid on it. Jump on the snake and when the snake moves, it will carry you up to the next section. Once there, go left. Inside you’ll be in a Persian dance show. Make your way across until you see the French girl again. She will frame you yet again. There is a guard down in the area below you. Jump off the ledge and give chase to her. You can’t outrun the guards, so you’ll need to jump through the air and land on the totem poles. Along the totem pole there are several areas that you can land on. It doesn’t matter how high you jump from each pole since there’s three or so ledges along the totem pole that you can land on. It just matters how accurate your positioning is. If you fall and are caught, try again. Then when you’re on the last totem pole, the guards will push the first toem pole knocking everything over. You’ll be at the bottom of the totem pole as you fall down. Then go left. You’ll need to give chase to the running thief. This is the last area. You’re in an area full of metal connected parts. Make your way across the area until you see a rope. Jump onto it. Then climb up that rope and you should be high enough to jump to more house like areas on the giant machinery of metal. The machine seems to be the ferris wheel. Continue this proccess of jumping from area to area an rope to rope until you reach the very top. Halfway you’ll find the French lady a layer above of you, pushing a block down. It falls on the roof of the area you’re in, and breaks the windows of the small house/enclosure. At the top of the ferris wheel when you finally make it up through the area of ropes and metal, you’ll see the French girl attempting to destroy the transformer. She throws it down. Grab on to the rope beside you. You’ll notice it’s a different type of rope. You can be able to swing on this rope, as you swing down you will catch the transformer and save the invention. After making your way further to the girl, she will warn you not to get any closer. Then she falls as a bolt of lightning shakes the rainy area. But she doesn’t die, she falls into a water tank that Houdini had been in. Get back down the ferris wheel. George Ferris, Cleveland, and Edison are at the bottom waiting for you. Give the transformer to Ferris. He’ll thank you for saving the transformer. It is needed to power his ferris wheel. Cleveland then gives you the presidential medal of honor…wow…that was easy xP. If only it were real. You recieve 100 credits and the Mystery Train Medallion for your work. Well done, case closed. This guide was brought to you by elmopwns at Please check out his site if you have time. It was written with hard work for…6 hours, a lot of time spent.



  1. This is an awesome guide i wish i had seen it before i messed up… Ok maybe you can help me! I saw the coal stains and went to see the coal man and went into my inventory to see something then by mistake hit “use” the pencil and it worked and gave it to someone off screen and i got a sketch of Tesla’s cabin and then i went and found the juice stains and got the order pad but i don’t have the pencil so i can’t see what the orders are???? What do i do???


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