Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 28, 2011

The end of all good things…

Well, looks like the creators are wrapping up their birthday surprise so far! Remember all those new costumes? Light ninja, the rare nessie hat, hyptonic, robin hood…well, soon they are to be gone…forever…ever…ever…echo

Time flies! Poptropica’s fourth birthday celebration is almost over. The limited edition costumes that have been re-released to the store for the month of September are about to disappear.

These costumes are available until the end of the day on Friday for Poptropica Members. Even if your Membership ends in the future, you’ll still have the costumes to keep forever.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a Poptropica Member, visit Poptropica and pick up your exclusive costumes from the Poptropica Store!

If you’re not yet a Member, find out how to become a Member today. Besides these limited-edition costumes, you’ll also have Early Acess to all new Islands, including Mystery Train and Game Show Island!

Our birthday may be almost over, but you can bet we have a lot more fun in store for Poptropicans in the months and years to come. Why, it’s still September yet, and we told you the Legend was coming this month. Tomorrow, we’ll let you know what that is!


A new legend? Eh? Sounds exciting…legend? Could this be the E Evil thing in the “Legend is coming video” doc? I wonder. Also, a new minigame has been revealed:


whoah…well, it looks somewhat like a game to be played on the new Game show Island! You know the story, evil robots forcing people to do all sorts of reality TV games…you’ll have to beat them at it…it’s like  RTV Island…gone wrong. Anyways, there are several peices of evidence that point to this. For example the face on those greenbacks/bills are robots…creeepyyy….well, not really. I wonder when this game’s going to be out.



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