Posted by: Rainbow Dash | September 30, 2011

A lot of posts

First off the new island has been announced! Guess what it’s called? Yep,  LEGENDARY SWORDS ITEM.

It’s not an island, it’s actually a brand new adventure! Possibly a miniquest or something? This proves the game show island is different then this E Evil thing with all those small little robots in the Evil trailer.  The trailer goes as sfollow: It shows many new worlds and a rocket ship blasting across them. Then it shows a sword and shadows of ”
evil robots”. Then it shows the character finding off these strange new robots with the legendary sword on these new worlds.


We’re excited to announce an all-new Poptropica experience: Legendary Swords!

What is Legendary Swords? It’s not an Island. It’s a brand-new type of adventure that will be available soon in the Poptropica Store.

We’ll have a lot more to tell you about Legendary Swords, including gameplay details and the release date, right here in the official Poptropica blog. In the meantime, get those reflexes ready — you’ll need them!

Reflexes? Al l righty. Next up, money ladder is available to ALL. This new minigame is played as follows:

Money Ladder is a trivia game in which a question is brought upon you and you must answer these questions correctly. Most of these questions are on “bad guys”. Such as the question “Along with his cat Azrael, this mean guy spends his days trying to catch smurfs.” If you know about the smurfs you’ll obviously know who it is. Then answer the correct question and your score will go up, as your score does so does the money you earn. Hence: money ladder.

You get some pretty cool prizes for this. First there’s the binary code which turns 1010101010 numbers, in a blue color, all across your screen. Then comes the robot costume, a blue wacky wide eyed robot costume to spice up your party on Money Ladder for earning a certain amount of points. Next is the robot dance, you’ll start dancing like a real robot upon activation!


Lastly, a new costume has been released in the poptropica store. Yep, that’s right: Halloween is coming closer and closer. Ahh, who could forget such a time of year? Kids going out in costumes asking for candy…spooky ghouls and demons, a time of fright in which humans actually enjoy being scared…and of course, my favorite memory: taking a bowl of candy put outside a door and dumping it in your bag…mischievous. Funny, since I got 300 peices that year ;).

The new power is one that will zombify you! Yep, that’s right. Once you complete the Haunted House Miniquest in the Poptropica Store you’ll earn this power! Cool ain’t it? Once you click the zombify button and select a poptropican the person’s features will soon turn to a grotesque appearance, his/her teeth falling out, skin a lime green, eyes yellow and wide, and costume dirty and odorous. It’s just like a zombie

You can costumize the outfit to make yourself look like one of the living dead (cool :D), or you can turn other poptropicans into this undead being as well. It’s just perfect for the Halloween season. Now, just a suggestion, but the creators should honestly make the backround on Poptropica island mainstreets all dark and spooky, eerie even. That’d be cool for Hallowseve, or Halloween.

Upon entry into the island you can actually click “new prize!” if you’ve already completed Haunted House. Then you’ll get to the party room and thus seeing a sign there that says “Zombify!” Cool, huh?

EP out!


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