Posted by: Rainbow Dash | October 28, 2011

Game Show Island Guide

First, arrive on main street. Then keep going left. You’ll notice all the humans on this island are all pretty much slaves to robots! You’ll also notice that by pushing a red button to the very left of main street, a police inspector comes out (a robot) and tells you to not press it unless you found “the investigator”. Climb up the Robo-Bling boutique and to the Robots-only terrace. Keep going and grab the toolbox from the roof. Keep going left to the factory. Inside people are talking about how the inventor could stop these robots and how they were building more robots. Make your way to the top where you see a computer. The computer will open a sliding door to the right of the top of the room. Jump towards that area. In the room there are several high voltage controls. Click on the voltage controls to turn the power voltages on the outside of the factory off. You can now unscrew the bolts clockwise and be in control of the power supply! Flip the switch at the top left and the power will be on again. The lady will give you a fan for helping with the power. Take the fan back to the Noveau Club on Main Street. The robot guard will think you are coming to fix the AC and will let you in. He will reward you if you cool him down. Click on his direction, then press use for the fan. This will cool him down. He will give you a coin. Make your way familiar with the robot club. The second level is robots only, though. Run back to the left near the factory and give the nickel to the homeless ex gameshow person outside the factory. He will give you a pair of goggles sure to come in handy. Run back right to the Noveau club. Use your goggles. You will see an ominous shadow go up the vent shaft! Run outside and press use with your fan reach the nearest window of the club. Use the toolkit to unscrew all the screws. Go inside. You’ll find the inventor, but he’ll think you’re trying to catch him! He has blocked your path to him. Run over and go up to the floor above the fog machine. Shove the record machine into the elevator. Go down and walk right. The inventor will shove a huge block destroying. Run right and climb the rope, then drop left. Then climb the ladder and exit to the roof where the inventor is. The door to the roof is locked! A short minigame will ensue. You must track his heat prints and find out which numbers he punched in. Complete it and go onto the roof where the inventor will explain to you everything. He will give you a remote control to the airplane. Use it, and climb into the plane

First minigame:


Go to the Game Show host. She is dropping prizes! You have to tilt awnings by standing on them. Then make a path to her. You will be awared with a chance to play Spin for Riches! This game is where you have to play and spin to get the correct letter to a question. Each correct letter gets 100 points for you. Each correct answer: 1000. The winner with the most points win! If you want to cheat, use google :). If you land on a toxic sign, you lose a turn. 😦

Buenos Aries

Get off the tower you land on and go right. A person with a mustache. Next to him are rings. Connect the terminal thingy on the right to the thing on the left. The robot then gives you his ticket for Kerplunk as a reward. Go to the show. There are three trials. You have to win two of three. The first round is when you have to a platform by the waterfall after managing through obstacles. Second one: Move through the air on a balloon to land on a platform. The third one is a rock climbing part or like totem jump. Jump as soon as the platforms begin to shake.


Run to the construction person. Help the person by moving the minaret peices to the pedestrals. Once you’re done with this challenge, the game “Scaredy Pants” will ensue. You must win to of three rounds. First one: retrieve a glow stick before being shocked and scared by giant fish! You are in a maze, the easiest of all. Second one is a maze where you must get through without being shocked by these spider, mice, rats. Avoid these creatures if you see them in the maze. The third one is you have to tightrope without falling.


Run right until you see people in distress after talking to them. They cannot beat Mr. Yoshi in his challenge. Fix the puzzle by arranging the pipe peices for the challenge. Five rounds is up, you restore power. You get a ticket to a challenge where you have to amuse Mr. Yoshi. You have to dress up and do ridiculous things for this. The first one you have to dress as a baby and say amusing material. The second one you have to break out of a shell in under 40 seconds. The third one you must knock down all the bowling pins.

The inventor has left a  message for you after these games. Go back to main street where a search and manhunt has ensued for you. You must reprogram Holmes. Run down to the hatch where the inventor showed you. Finish the puzzle on the computer. After this, the police are drilling holes through the wall to find you! Ignore the police robot searching for you (Holmes) and run back to the computer. Complete another circuit for the final puzzle. He’ll try and make you a deal to forfiet your money and work for him. Deny this. Run through the next hole and go left. Then reprogram holmes and after some noises, he’s back to normal. The robots have been vanquished!

written by a friend of EP



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