Posted by: Rainbow Dash | October 28, 2011

Game Show Island released!

Today is a short and sweet post announcing the official start of Game Show Island for members! The countdown has stopped and gone down to 0 (too bad I wasn’t there to see the glorious moment :( ) and the island is now available! You can expect to find a guide on here very soon for those of you who are challenged with the island. Non-Members can play the first part of this quiz related island, though!

Also, Legendary Swords island has been announced! It’s release date is 11/11/11 and has to do with all those miniature robots and that E evil thing! The plot is announced:

On a distant planet, a hero explores a strange land to discover a race of aggressive and bizarre robots who are planning an invasion of Planet Poptropica! The only way the hero can stop this invading force is by using a series of hidden mystical swords that are scattered throughout the planet. Driven by courage (and a little fear), the hero must stop the invading robots and their diabolical master; the mysterious E. Vile!

Sounds cool. Hopefully you get to destroy some robots in this new island! They have a video and even an info page. Here it is:


EP out


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