Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 5, 2011

the tips!

This is EP’s friend posting for him. Here we go, guys

Legendary Swords island is just about a week away, and to help kick it off the creators gave us a cool new video announcing tips and tricks for the Legendary Swords island.

Well, here’s the highlights of the video. First off, know that you have your sword. The sword in the left hand corner will show you the sword in the actual game as well as any you’ve bought in the store such as Rusty Relic, Ninja Sword…sounds cool doesn’t it? Add a sparkle to Ninja Sword ;). Also, there are health crystals. Health crystals can regenerate your sword’s health. Just make sure to not get hit too many times by those darn robots. Lastly there’s the moves for the swords, tips/tricks. In the video you can slash by clicking on your target, and the moves vary while you walk, jump, and walk quickly.

cya guys! Check out our guide for Game Show Island.


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