Posted by: Rainbow Dash | December 15, 2011

Now Out!

It’s EP here, and this is a quick yet sweet and short post/announcement. GHOST STORY ISLAND IS NOW OUT! Members can play the full version of this spooky island whilst non-members can play a partial version of it just to get a taste of what it’s like!

Here’s the trailer they once again posted:

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and go hunt some ghosts!


Here’s also a notice, a new contest is finally here! Remember those blimps the creators have been using? Well, now you can win one of your very own.

All you need to do is to be over 13 and have parental consent/an email adress.

10 of these toys are currently being released. The cool part is that they ARE AUTOGRAPHED/SIGNED BY JEFF KINNEY HIMSELF. You can sign up for this contest here: Good luck!

And finally, new changes are coming through the air of Poptropica. It seems to happen a few times each year. The creators have perhaps refurnished graphic effects and overall look and feel of the game. A new post has an image detailing these “changes”:

Well, they’ve added a bit of detail as it appears to me. If you look carefully at the building blocks there are detailed textures on them. They also added shadows and clouds apparently.

How many new things can you spot?

EP out!



  1. the new change is that message thing in the top right corner

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