Posted by: Rainbow Dash | December 27, 2011

We wish you a merry Christmas…

We wish you a happy holidays, everyone. No matter which holiday you celebrate, Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas! Hope you’ve all recovered from any holiday stress and hope you’ve had a restful holiday break…cause in one week school’s going to start back up again and you know how much of a disaster that is. Then thedoom will begin once more…

But in then meantime, The creators gave us a few new stuff! To add to those limited edition costumes in the store a few weeks ago that they put in, they gave us an elf costume. Funny since they never gave us a Santa costume along with that:

This week, there are two new items in the Poptropica Store!

The Elf Costume is a stylish look for any occasion — but mostly for Christmas.

Or, blast your friends with holiday cheer by grabbing the Candy Cane-On!

Both of these items are available in the Poptropica Store. The Candy Cane-On costs 150 credits, and the Elf Costume is free for all! Poptropica Members, of course, can use any costume and Gold Card in the store without needing credits.

Happy holidays!

MMMM Canddddyyy caaannnneeesss. Members get all this for free fyi. This all are limited edition costumes you can costumize for the holiday spirit. Anyways, I think they should make one of those powers where you see Santa fly in the backround and then go up low or something. That’d be cool.

Lastly, we have our traditional wallpapers they remind us of every year:

Well, it’s the holiday season once again, and once again the Creators are about to settle in for a long winter’s nap. But before we go, we thought we’d bring back some seasonal wallpapers that we first introduced in this blog three years ago.

Click either of these images to load the full size, and then right-click and set as your desktop background.

Thanks to every Poptropican for making 2011 a great year. We’ve got even more in store for you in 2012.

Happy holidays, and a happy new year!


Happy new year, everyone! You can click on your mouse’s right key on whichever wallpaper you’d like, and then you can say “put as backround”. It will adjust due to your computer’s various dimensions.

There’s full size and smaller size

To remind everyone once again, The Poptropica Project is constantly updating but will also be on a holiday break for some time. We will be in hibernating mode. I have just about 68 comments for the Monster Carnival/balloon boy petition to be put on the blog. The two pages have become increasingly popular due to being mentioned on the famous “Poptropica Secrets” blog. I promise all these comments will be reviewed after the new year, so let nothing you dismay!

Happy new year!

-From The Poptropica Project


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