Posted by: Rainbow Dash | January 13, 2012

Tis time to hunt!

It’s EP here on behalf of a variety of announcements. First off, Ghost Story Island is now available to all! The island was released to members awhile ago. Now it has been released oficially to members!

You know what to do, grab your net and solve this here mystery!

The creators gave out another clue to the new SOS island. So far we know it’s loosely based off of the 19th century Titanic frigate. Now they have released a photo detailing a unique underwater portion of the island

From the post we now know the ship’s name is Pequod. This is pretty cool. This portion of the game will allow you to dive underwater. Of course, you can also see there’s an oxeygon bar down in the bottom of the screen. You will probably need to fetch some items down from the sunk portion of the ship.

EP out!



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