Posted by: Rainbow Dash | January 18, 2012

Stop SOPA, and some updates

Poptropica is currently in an “under construction” enviroment. Here’s a short update from the admin to detail the new upcoming updates, which they have included in the sneak peeks. They only gave us one picture, but a picture, of course, is as good as a thousand words 😉

If you look in the top game bar, you’ll see there’s an image of the player’s facial/visage appearances. What could this be? Hmmm…I wonder. Take your guesses now!

Anyways, the main point of this post was to get everyone to be informed. You’ve all probably heard of the SOPA and PIPa bills. Stop online piracy acts. As much as everyone would like to stop illegal pirated videos or books or such from getting on the web, this is an atrocious thing bound for calamity and discord. In other words, it’s called internet “censorship.” If a site has too much copyrighted material, the government can basically shut the site down completely. This is unfair in my opinion. Shutting any site down just because of these reasons can:

1. damage online activity

2. damage the economy, the internet is a major factor in economical growth.

3. Damage entertainment websites. Imagine if poptropica or lolcats got shut down just because they accidentely incorporated some bad material in it.

Anyways, that being said, it’s not the government’s job to censor the internet and block these things. It is the company’s job to prosecute the owners of the illegal videos. In fact, many websites are protesting. is an example. You can visit any other of these websites and you’ll see they’ve all gone into protest mode: , , ,

As for this website, we’re protesting as well. You’ll notice we’ve changed the header of the blog. To protest yourself and sign a petition just by typing your name and zip code in, click here: Tell congress, take action. Do. Not. Censor. The. Web. Plain and simple. It’s damaging and unfair in multiple ways.



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