Posted by: Rainbow Dash | January 26, 2012

now released

Yes, as mentioned, the new SOS island is oficially released to the public. Very big deal to the Poptropica community. Members also have an exclusive access to an indept second story full with unprecedented twists and turns. So you can expect everyone to be out solving the synopsis of both tales as players set foot onto the new island.

What also came a bit earlier were the special Members Only packs. As you may have noticed, these come out with nearly every island. The sonar power lets you track your motion radar and see what other CPU’s or players are coming near you. The fishing pole is another nifty accessory that goes along with the theme of the island. Then of course you have your captain’s costume, dressed in full naval regalia. Splendid.

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably very excited. In this case, I recommend you go and feed it by treating yourself by taking a full dosage of the new SOS Island. So leave this page, and go beat that island ;)

Yet before I go, here’s another MLP photo I perhaps would like to show to everypony. Yes, I am obsessed with my little pony’s. Nothing wrong about that 😉

especially when internet memes make funny photos like this xD



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