Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 14, 2012

New island

Ever hear the old saying that if you get bit by a vampire, you eventually turn into one? A frightening scenario. Perhaps that’s just what will happen on…Vampire Curse Island. The name itself perhaps implifies a premium of chills and thrills. Definitely not for the faint hearted…but then again, Poptropica is meant for all ages big and small, meaning that perhaps this island won’t be as fright filled as it seems. Or perhaps it very well will.

Rainbow Dash’s first guess on the island, based on the name itself, is something to do with turning into a vampire. Perhaps its lethal bite causes you to grow into one, and you must find some sort of cure and at the same time run from vampire hunters? Definitely not your typical island.

Of course, before I go, just a little bit of something on the comical side.

You better take Fluttershy before you embark on this spoooky quest…ha ha…RD dashing off.


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