Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 29, 2012

New pack and map!

Can’t wait for Vampire’s Curse Island? The creators won’t just let us sit the last remaining days of the countdown in our chairs doing nothing but watching that clock. Your new Island pack/gear is here. Of course, all of these (needless to say) our members only gold items. So if you’re a member, you can directly recieve such gear for free.

Go ahead, activate some of that garlic :D  and perhaps release some odor that will drive away vampires perhaps. Chew on some vampire bat gum and release a swarm of spooky cratures. Or dress up as a count. One can never have too much fun with store items.

Again, all of these are free to members. Have fun out there, guys.

Lastly, the creators have also updated the map. As you may have known, the islands were getting pretty overcrowded in the map for some time. The creators highlight some key features

For some time now, Poptropica has had a problem. A good problem, but a problem nonetheless. The problem: too many Islands! Vampire’s Curse Island will be our 25th Island, if you can believe it. And our map was starting to look really cluttered.
First, we thought we would just have to erase some Islands. Flush ’em right down the drain. But as our fingers were hovering over the “delete” button, somebody had an idea: why not make a new map? We all agreed that was a much better solution.

Now, when you log onto Poptropica for the first time, or return to your blimp from Main Street of any Island, you’ll see this new and improved map screen!
It has a few advantages over the old one. The Island icons no longer move, so it’s easier to read their names. The newest Islands are at the very beginning, so you’ll won’t have far to look for the latest and greatest adventure. And we’ve split up the map into different pages, which makes it easier for you to sort through them.
Oh, and most important of all: the birds chase your blimp.
We hope you enjoy the new map, and that it helps makes your visit to Poptropica even more fun than before.
Happy Leap Day! There won’t be another one for 4 years.

If you ask me, 25 islands is A LOT. These features were neccessary in order to clear some space up. The birds also chase your blimp wherever it goes (better hope it doesn’t peck the air out of there ;). The islands are also placed from relative date. The newest ones are at the beggining so it’d be easier to find.

Happy leap day!


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