Posted by: Calamity | August 3, 2012

New Author.

Hello everyone, You might know me from thephc (Thephc is a poptropica help chat —> )  , If not I’m just a new blogger named Jcwarw3, I love to play poptropica also I’ve been playing poptropica for 3 years, I will now be posting weekly about poptropica’s latest news and updates.
My poptropicans username is Jcwarw3, Friend me xD. 
Okay! So lets get to the poptropica update
Theres going to be a new island called Lunar Colony! I’m guessing your going to be in a NASA program going into space *of course*
Heres the trailer!

It seems like your going to be riding around in a vehicle in this poptropica adventure.



  1. Umm…
    It looks that you’vnt (the poptropica project) be very active a while.

    • Lol, I was waiting for people to come and comment on the post. wink wink :3

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