Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 5, 2012

Author position Available!

Want to prove your writing style? Want to broadcast to over a few hundred subscribers and thousands more daily? A new author position is available on the Poptropica Project. I am just too busy most of the time with high school and my essayist nature or social relations sometimes. It’s starting to get to a relaxed yet busy time of my life. This means that I, the founder of this blog, am currently looking for an author to the blog to post! We are looking for following traits:

  • Posts at least once a week
  • Good or creative writing, and not too wacky or crazy
  • Enthusiasm and friendly nature
  • A wordpress account

If you think you’re in for the challenge, please email me a detailed post of any PCB post on the creator’s blog, and email it to (which is my school email). This should include pictures, details, analysis, and friendly or humorous details. THanks!



  1. Hi i’d love to work here im a master at cheats and stuff 😀 and do you want to work on my blog !!? comment ur email

  2. i would love to be a atthor i am a master a poptropica i have beat every island

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