Posted by: Calamity | January 1, 2013

Review Of 2012

I assure you I will make more posts, I’ve just had alot of things going on in my life. 🙂 So whats happened this year of poptropica? Well 9 islands came out 🙂
SOS Island *The 24th Island*
Vampires Curse Island *The 25th Island*
Twisted Thicket *The 26th Island*
Poptropolis Games *The 27th Island*
Wimpy Boardwalk *The 28th Island*
Lunar Colony *The 29th Island*
Super Villian Island *The 30th Island*
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory *The 31st Island*
Zomberry Island *The 32nd Island*
Check out all of these islands at
And at the end of the year the Poptropica team ended up with 32 islands on the map of Poptropica, This has been a great year for Poptropica!!!

Also poptropica has its own Dsi game, Isn’t that amazing? c:
PoptropicaAdventuresIn this exciting little mini game for the dsi you have to collect artifacts from the three islands and bring them back to the Museum.
The Island map only has 4 islands, The Museum, Super Power Island, Mythology Island, and Astro-Knights Island.  Also if you buy PoptropicaAdventures you receive a code to enter on poptropica to get you two cool costumes! I’m not sure how long they’ll be around. But you better hurry and get it. 😀
PoptropicaAdventuresCostumesThe Costume on the right is called “Mythology Medusa Surfer” The one to the left is called “The Lightning Knight”

Also poptropica came out with a couple of codes this year, Wimpy2012 :WIMPY
This costume contained three costumes in one! All costumes were made out of paper.
This costume is no longer available.

Applebees12 :


This costume is no longer available

The last code was skullbook, A code from one of the poptropica books!
It gives you a neat nifty pirate costume.
And its avaliable right now!

Also this year was the fifth year of poptropica living, Can you believe that poptropica has been out for 5 years already? Time flys when were having fun :D!!!

The poptropica creators added in tribe rooms from poptropolis.

TheTribesEach tribe room has their very own texture, And the rooms are bigger and better then any of the multiverse rooms that you’ve experienced.

Poptropica also added in a new feature called friends, If you enjoyed your stay in a multiverse with someone. You can friend them!




  1. aka add crazy speck i have lighting armor and madusa surfer

    • 🙂 Awesome!

  2. thank you every body who made this sit thank you for the codes pirate one sooooooooooooooooooooo epic awsome

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