Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 19, 2013


Hey, Everyone. It’s RD here again. I’m sorry I’ve been on a prolonged leave and sequestered myself. Thankyou stratosphere and pixel for helping me out on the new posts! Anyways, so far I’ve been sort of a Geek while I was gone: interested in metaphysics, physics, economics, ap literature, things like that ;). I’ve also been through some ups and downs on Romance. Sigh :/ . Anyways, this week the creators gave us a new reminder.

Never felt like picking up a book? Ever down in the blue and always bored? Perhaps you’ve bought everything on the Poptropica Store and you’ve beat everyone in games. Well then, fear not! In case you’ve forgotten, the creators sent us a kind reminder and a grand homage to all things possible. There are multiple books on Poptropica. Heck, there’s Madlibs, a guide to Poptropica, and even books for islands that give you clues or hints.

Okay, so maybe you’re no Kafka or Hawthorne. Maybe you don’t like reading long or mundane works that ramble on and on about some life moral. That’s okay! These books are filled with fun dialogue, colorful pictures,  and even funny situations, such as in the Mad Libs. Whether you want a guide to Skulduggery Island, or you want just a fun Mad Libs to work on while bored over break.


Eek! Zombies! To be correct: Zomberries. You’ll find the new Zomberry Island guide quite helpful in your journey to cure the island of its infestation. Need help? Stuck on that final boss/part? Fear not! The Guide is here! You can download this onto either your IOS or Android Device.


Thanks! RD out!




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