members of the blog:

Elmo Pwns:  Hello, I am the founder of the blog and love Poptropica! I live in the US in WA and love it there! I’m 12 years old currently! I like writing and I am currently writing two books. I want to be an author when I grow up. If the books succeed, I will notify you and publish my writings! Thanks for all your support and for reading this blog! I hope you like it!

pogostix013: I am a super elite ninja (jk, i wish i was though…) and I live in WA in the US. Uh… I’m not good at computers, and Elmopwns invited me to be a member on  the blog…. so yeah, I’m givin’ it a shot.  I enjoy hanging out at EP’s house playing video games, checking my email (ironically, i don’t get much email), being a Poptropica NUT, writing, art, and I feel like the only kid in middle school who doesn’t have an interest in music. I talk alot when no one’s listening, and i also talk alot to annnoy people, but otherwise, I’m just your average 12 year old d00d.


  1. Hey, Elmo Pwns. I live in the state next to yours, Idaho!

  2. ahmed, are u still taking orders on my blog? i heard u quit iptoolz 😦

  3. Uh… does anyone know how to change the font color? Heck, CAN you even change the font color?

    • Just go to the dashboard and new post. Then there’s a button that says hide/show kitchen toolbar, click that and you should have a color option, I wish I was here earlier though, I think you figured it out…

  4. You can change the font color. If you want to know how, email me at angrywing@gmail.com

  5. nice halo ads elmo pwns!!!!!!

  6. Hi, I was wondering if you wanted any more professional authors for your blog. I own potpropicaworld.com and want to help other top bloggers by guest blogging.
    If you might be intersted contact me at poptropicaworldcheats@gmail.com or on twitter.com/poptropicaworld
    PS you don’t need to publish this comment.

  7. Elmo, are you alive? If so.. please go to thephc. D:

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