This is a very special page based on Poptropica. Awards are given to the biggest, best, and most experienced poptropica blogs out there. There are hundreds of hundreds of Poptropica blogs out there, but only a few are notable to be deserved awards. If you think your blog is a good Poptropica blog, post in the comments and we will consider your blog and reward you based on the reward you deserve. You can post the reward on your blog to show that you have been rated a good blog.


Good writer award. Awarded to blogs who maintain good posts frequently and have up to date updates as well as abundant information in posts. If you copy this award and paste it onto your blog without permission, copyscape will detect it and shut you down.

Devoted Writer

Beggining blog award. Awarded to blogs who start out good and have just started. Never underestimate a begginer!

Junior Writer

Poptropica spelling award. Awarded to blogs who have little or no spelling mistakes and maintain proper grammer (not this blog!).

Beginner Writer

Builder Award. Award is given to blogs that have created and maintained many, many, many pages, items, and things.


Poptropica Collaborater award. Awarded to blogs that have many team members that each do their part to support the blog and keep it up and in good shape.


Poptropica Pen Pal award. Given to blogs that provide helpful content to its readers and answers various questions.

Novice Writer

Poptropica Scholar award. Awarded to blogs that have members that know tons of facts on Poptropica from island guides to items and cheats, it is awarded to the knowledge junkie blogs.

Wiki Hero

Lucky Poptropica Blog award. Awarded to blogs who have 50,000 hits or more on their blog.

Luck of the Ed

Another note: If these images or awards are copied, copyscape will sense you and shut you down. Do not take awards without permission our it will lead to illegal activity (plagarism) and shut down of site.

To nominate your blog or another blog for award, comment or contact me at


  1. I had a blog with like 6,000 hits. But it was hacked 😦

    • Aw, bummer! Did you get any awards before then?

  2. lousy hackers

  3. i agree

  4. That’s sad

  5. Elmo pwns: do you play aqw

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