B-day shout out

Is your birthday coming up? Want the Poptropica Project to celebrate it by mentioning it’s your special day and all? Well if it is, comment below stating when your birthday is and we’ll notify it on one of our posts! You can either comment about it or email me at elmopwns00@gmail.com! We also promise a FREE present for you. Will the present be a free poptropica CREDIT filled account? A rare costume? Who knows? Also tell us how old your going to be on that special day. Please only comment if your birthday is coming soon and not like 7 months from now because we might forget. Thankyou! We promise you:

  • A present from us
  • And a shout out on the blog


  1. December 14th

    • Ok, got you on the list.

    • Oh and how old are you going to be on December 14th?

  2. My sister, Cuddly Jumper, turns 7 July 18th

  3. december 12

    • k, please let me know NEAR your b-day. The chances are, it’s too far away and I’ll forget by then. So sorry for the bad memory and let me know then. Thanks.

  4. sorry ok

  5. august 21.

    ep: approved. HAppy B-day tommorow! Email me for the free gift tommorow!

  6. Hey(: September 20 is my birthday(: I’ll be turning 12!!! Can’t wait!!!(:

  7. I made up the email becuase I don’t have one! My b day is january 22 and I’m turning 11!

  8. My poptropican is named Skinny Bean! My sisters birthday is april 14 and she turns 13!

  9. 28th of September. Thanks EP! This rocks! 😀

    • green boa:D my birthday is 8 days before your birthday:D september 20:D! Lol! I turning 11

      • we will be sure to mention 😀

  10. My B-Day is on January 9, and I’m turning 15! BTW, I LOVE Poptropica! I have 4 characters and have beaten all the islands (except Skullduggery) on all of them!

  11. October 27th turning 11 =)

    • Oh, WHAT? You’re EXACTALLY the same age as me!!!!!

  12. i’m turning 10 on january 22

    • cool

  13. my b-day is october 10 and my poptropica name is icy storm. my user name is bobey1543

  14. In case you forgot, my birthday is December 14th. My email is angrywing@gmail.com

  15. January 9

  16. people, don’t list ur birthdays until they’re really close! i’m trying to keep track of all these b-days which are months from now.

    • k

  17. dec 12

  18. Well, it’s my birthday today! Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to Cuddly Hawk, Happy Birthday to me!

  19. my bday is april 13 im turning 10!!! ya me

    • ok, we’re no longer giving out gifts but we’ll wish u a very happy b-day!

      • thats crazy! some of us didnt know about this site until like 2 days ago! we want gifts back!

  20. please don’t list your birthday until it is close! There were a bunch of january 22nd’s but I can’t remember them ALL!

  21. june 17th

    • omg that was my birthday too! 😀
      Happy birthday!

  22. june 23rd im turning 13 and my poptropican name is angry wolf

  23. my b-day is now!!

    • happy bdddaaaaayyy!

    • happy b day

  24. hey peplople do you kwon whats today poptrpicas brithday ya ya be happy it is4th they if you see it on 8 / 31 play it

    elmo pwns: I know who you are. All comments you make have been automatically trashed. Stop wasting my time please. Everyone, this guy is the hacker Masongooder1. I tracked his IP adress when he commented, and found out it matched the hacker Masongooder1’s IP. You can complain to the hacker here and spam his inbox, what a hacker. Stop hacking other people.


  25. tommorow my bd!!!!!!!!! at september 20!:D

    • ok

  26. tiday my bd!

  27. i am turning 11 my popname is alfie_fong…i just hope no one hacks it…

  28. ill be 13 on october 28th 🙂

    • my bday is one month after urs nov 28 turning 11 next year 2012

  29. my popname is incredible lion

  30. My Birthday is October 31 and i am turning12!

  31. My poptropican name is Magic Pear

    • my poptropicans name is ice toes

  32. Mine is december 4th!

  33. Birthday is on Christmas THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i have dubble the presents

  34. elmopwns, when is ur b day?????

  35. my bdays today

  36. my birthday is march 9 i`m turning 11 my username is krackpot

  37. My b-day is on April 5

  38. January 24th that’s when my B-day is. And i’m 17 years old. My little sister is turning 3 on November 9. She’s the cutest ever!

  39. Like earlier, it’s still January 9 🙂

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