beta testers

Hi everyone,

We here at the massive and unique site of THE POPTROPICA PROJECT are seeking out beta testers. Beta testers are people that test certain ideas, cheats, glitches, and secret ideas in poptropica. These are not usually revealed to the public. If you want to be a beta tester, all you have to do is either email me at (those o’s are zeros by the way). Or comment below. Beta testers get exclusive inside information to never before seen glitches and cheats. Check the status below to see if beta testers are needed. All you need is: a source of private contact, and a p0ptropica account.

list of future testers:


-Alfia Fong



Status: Beta testing is open!


  1. ccooollllzzzz!

  2. COOL!

  3. I would love to join!


    • I’ll get to u via email in two days…really busy right now…

  5. so you want a beta test i think im you guy email me at

  6. can i join plz

  7. can i join

  8. hi i realy want to be a beta tester im one on cp so i want to be one on poptropica too

  9. I’d love to do it. Just email me at

  10. i would love to do it it would be fun

  11. Sounds really fun. Hit me up!

  12. Can I be a beta-tester ?? I have a background at programming .. LOL
    Here’s my e-mail master elmpwns . I can spend hours of testing without fail . I play poptropica every day . I think I can help you .

    -Dimitris Blackhart / Big Thunder / Jerwin Esoj Rodriguez :DD
    E-mail :

  13. CAN I JOIN?

  14. I have an account and an email so just email me!

  15. Hey elmo i dont have email so i’m still joining 🙂 i hope

  16. Can I be a beta tester please?! 😀 I love Poptropica!

  17. I want to be a beta tester! Contact me at!

  18. I’d love to become a beta tester if it isn’t to late! Been playing poptropica for years.

  19. I too, get emails for when islands are previewed and released, and i play right away, so i would love to sign up for beta!

  20. i want be a beta tester i almost have all the awards please

  21. I’d love to be a beta tester 🙂

  22. am i too late to email you?

  23. Can I be a beta tester Jcwarw3?

  24. Can i be a Beta tester i know lots of glitches and cheats that like only 10 people know email me at

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