This is a poptropica cloner made by winner25321. Another feature other blogs don’t! Clone your poptropicans here!

Attention! This cloner is down for now! You might not get your orders for a month or some time!


  1. yay thanks for all the work you have put in for us

  2. lol hey its me Ahmed… email me at, I might continue the cloner…

  3. How do you clone a poptropican?

  4. elmopwns00 does the cloner work?

  5. ok.:D

  6. Will this cloner be able to clone the store items from the original to the clone also?

  7. idk if anyone views this but im ahmed and im into call of duty for wii and stuff so yeah…

  8. how does it work

  9. Does it still work ????????????????????

  10. What is a cloner anyway?

  11. So… Is the cloning thing up and working again yet? Because I wanna know when I can change my password back to what it was before…

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