cool stuff and cheats

Here is a list of cool stuff and cheats found throughout poptropica. I hope you will find them enjoyable throughout the game. 🙂 hope they keep you from boredom!

-last updated 11/17/11-


random character: ctrl, shift, R

pumpkin mask: ctrl, shift, P ( a favorite of mine) 🙂

laughing emote: ctrl, shift, 1

crying emote: ctrl, shift, 2

angry emote: ctrl, shift, 3

jumping emote: ctrl, shift, 4

random typing box( this game gets weirder and weirder) ctrl, shift, F12

hair color change: ctrl, shift, H

computer codes: ctrl, shift, F4

Hold Ctrl+Shift+2, then try walking, You should be Moonwalking Poptropica Style!

Hold Ctrl+Shift+2, then run! You should be doing a robot walk!


standing on rope glitch: at the blimp on any island, you can do a glitch to stand on the rope. First, get on the rope about halfway, then press ctrl, shift, 1, 2, 3, 4 and make sure to hold all of it down. (credits to bloopberry’s youtube channel for discovering this one!)


nabooti phone codes with the Nabooti island phone. The phone is found on the mountain of the moons on Nabooti island. They are as following:

1225: Santa costume. (wait, it’s not Christmas…)

911: police( dur)

411: Brain Helmet

1337: ned noodlehead(no noodle on his head, what a disappointment!)


Multiverse Jumping glitch

multiverse hole glitch: If you want to go up and down throught the multiverse hole, click exit and just before you do, click up and you’ll bounce up and down from the hole (weeeeeee)


Multiverse glitch( very complex), Move your poptropican on another computer using the mouse from another computer: To move your poptropican from one computer on another computer, follow these step by step instructions:

1. Get two computers and log in on both using the SAME account

2. Get both accounts into the same multiverse room (create one or join one)

3. Now, use the mouse from the first computer to control the account on the other computer. You should only see one account on both computers, Click anywhere you want, the player on the second computer should move when you control it from the first one.

4. Have fun, this glitch is pretty complicated.


poptropican glitch person

To become the glitch man( in picture) customize someone before they leave a multiplayer room and the system will be glitched and you will turn into the glitch person with an afro as will everyone else.

The glitch person/afro guy is only temporary.


getting close to someone during customization: To get close to someone (cough) during customization, click on the guy you want to customize first. Then when the screen is loading, keep clicking as fast as you can. Then, you will be next to the guy you are trying to customize (cough) (cough) tooo close….


messed up cat glitch: When the cat on 24 carrot island comes out from the shower press Ctrl + Shift + R and it will be “messed up” as found in the image below

that is one ugly cat


stand in midair: Here is one glitched up spot the creators didn’t fix yet (hopefully they don’t find out). When you have finished nabooti island climb up the steps to where the totem used to be and jump onto midair near the top. You will stand in midair. coolz


contributed by Cuddly Hawk:

You have to have completed the Haunted House Mini-Island from last year
You have to have the ability to get a peg leg (like from a pirate from Skullduggery. To get it easily, best to have been a member when Skullduggery was just open during Early Access, and customize the Members Only Pirate)

K. So you equip the peg leg.
Then you go to Haunted House, to the Ghoul’s Gala.
Then you equip the skeleton ribs and pelvis (all one piece)
Voila! Your leg is back, but without the foot! Really easy!



Item hack:

see this link? at the number at the end(220) is the number for the item on each island. this is just an example from past islands of an island. if you change the number and then hit the link, u’ll get a new never before seen item. somtimes it works. sometimes it doesn’t. just gotta hit the right number. This is a major find and hack. It’s a secret file that the creators used. Items in the 2000’s and so can bring u medallion pictures. Use it at your own will.more ex:

Poptropica storage: Want more storage for your costumes? Head over to this site created by Loud Shark:
Could’ve done it…too late
We could’ve played Astro Knights Island early. With this easy hack: we could’ve gone on main street EASILY by getting into their databse. If you click on it now, it will be glitched up. These island hacks don’t work now due to the upgrade of poptropica/daily pop.
toolbar: Our free, easy to use toolbar contains many features: Facebook, temperature, poptropica link, blog link, time, youtube, search and even an email notifier+much more! Click here for an easy and safe download! This was made by a leading programmer in toolbars. It has many features! Click for download
Here is an image of what it looks like when downloaded in success. Pretty handy, huh?
please click to zoom in for larger image. The bar at the top is the image of the toolbar

The following glitch was submitted by Blue Axe, you must have an ad room power to use this glitch. Go to the karate ad room and you must have the kick/power. In order to keep the ad room stuff, just don’t log on for a while

proof. put on karate kid kick. go into a multi room. customise a random person and click on the right or left and kick! (point your cursor in customization and move right or left and then press space!)


Keep an ad room item: To keep an ad room item, just don’t log on for a period of time so the creators can’t remove it from your items. That’s why a lot of people got to keep monster carnival items.


Out of map glitch(EXCLUSIVE! NEVER BEFORE SEEN!): to get out of the map, go to super power island (need to finish it) and jump on one of the telephones. Click on your super powers and then click on the telephone and then click the down arrow (using cursor) and you will be out of the map! It may not happen the first few times but here’s proof that it does:


Poptropica appearance glitch: First, log on to computer and go to the backround and right click. Go to personalize button when right clicked. Then, go to display settings on the new opened page and move it to the highest resolution so the screen is totally zoomed in! Then, go to poptropica and you’re figure will be blurry and everything will be weird and messed up. THere will be clones of your figure on the screen and the backround will change as well!


unknown name glitch

Log off of poptropica. Then, click the back button on your browser. Your name should be changed with unknown in it.


flying with a balloon(just like balloon boy! 😉

Go to Counterfeit Island, then go Downtown to the Clown Shop. Get any color balloon, then go to Main Street. Go to the blimp. Climb the rope halfway, then stop. You’ll notice that you’re balloon is rising away. Move a little bit, and it’ll come back down, then it will start rising again. Jump off the rope, and you should be flying for about 5 seconds and end up on top of the “Moldy Baquette Inn”.


out of map: Astro Knights Island

submitted by Henry King/blueaxe

out of map glitch.
go to astro knights.
jump on fountain.
click on the thing at the bottom of the fountain.
(the thing has a bunch of planets on it by the way.)
before it loads click down.
p.s u can only stay under the fountain.

quick note by ep (taken at 6:48, March 5th): going to play halo 3!!!!cya!


have the largest cool stuff and cheats section with more cheats if you compare it to other blogs! Go to their section and then back to OURS to see the difference!-


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  2. Can I get a dummy account?

    • Ask or email the ip toolz guy on the poptropica help page.

    • You’re welcome!

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  4. Cool! You put my glitch on! Thx!

  5. new cheat added, item hack!!!

    • wut is the item hack elmo?

    • wut is the link to ur blog and wut does the item hack do?

  6. hey hadescreator1 can you give me your staff i promise i wont tell any one. i’m prickly owl. i cant tell you my username and password cause someone might hack me.

    • huh? who’s hadescreator1? you want my staff?

      • hadescreator1 is the Poptropica username of Hades, the Poptropica Creator

    • i know how to get a hades staff you friend someone and look in his closet to find the staff and it is custumizable.

  7. What does he want with hades staff? I’m confused? You, sir are speaking to me or the creator cus there’s a good chance he won’t see ur comment btw.

  8. nice glitches. man, u have an epic blog!!!

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  13. cool. easter is going to be a waste of plastic for the eggs…….. that is why i DON’T go easter egg hunting….

  14. for the astro knight out of map glitch u don’t have to stay under the fountain. u can move somewhere else but you have to point the
    cursor thing really low.

    • I preffer the real eggs…colored in crosses that represent Christianity and the Ressurection…yumm ^^

      • Yeah I wish too but I would insist having sound affects in Poptropica so the people that have invented Poptropica and didn’t put sound EFFECTS they Suck!!!!!!! :/


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  18. Hey! cool stuff! is you hit ctrl+shift+s it changes your skin colors

    • Hi elmopwns thanks for all the cheats and stuff. I love your site, ur awesome.Hey try going on this website

  19. awsome!

  20. how do you turn people into dummies that you can costimise because someone went to my multiverse and turned me into a dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. lol…..i turn into a dummy…but i couldn’t movie…i could move a little bit…

  22. whats wrong with poptropica…. go to

    try it, its funny

    • you know the balloon glitch. well if you climb all the way up to the top of your balloon and click either left or right at the top you can shoot yourself up in the air.

  23. I have a dummy account…..

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  25. wut is the link to elmos blog???!!!!

  26. I found another glitch! Can I say it right here?

  27. Thanx for the cheats and stuff! I never knew that you could fly with the balloon!Sothank you!!!!

  28. hi. long time no see. this is iptoolz aka coder aka ahmed aka rough rider aka flash aka neon hacker aka poptropican1147.

  29. I tried everything u did on here and it didnt work so what do I do?
    So if u want to help look for me in the shark island so please help me REPLY back please!!!!

  30. for a katniss everdeen costume

    get robin hood costume
    get surfer girl costume
    get gray pants
    get white shirt with black over-shirt
    get a short sleeved leather jacket thing
    get the surfer girl’s hair, robin hoods bow, arrows, and dagger, and put on everything else
    top it off with a torch (from the store)

  31. hi

  32. amazing

  33. I know a cheat! Although it is really simple and easy but you go to reality t.v island and complete the island and get on the top of the helicopter and you will spin around really fast and get mad. =-)

    • well i know i did that before.but! i watch alot of cheats on YouTube

  34. how can i get my eyes to close in poptropica

  35. i’ll give away 2 of my poptropica people. but 2 because one of my friends told be their’s. username: sosolol3 password: nester. that’s mine that’s the rich one. username: dadysboy48 password; 123456789. that’s my friend’s one! well there you have it!

  36. Like it? well yellow pug has alot of things like the 5th poptropica’s birthday 🙂

  37. How can I get a person with the name “Undefined Undefined” or “Name Unknown”? Do I have to turn in another glitch to get one, or what? Because I really want one REALLY badly! 😀

  38. (Moderators: Do not post the previous version of this comment; make sure my name is Cuddly Hawk, not anything else)
    How can I get a person with the name “Undefined Undefined” or “Name Unknown”? Do I have to turn in another glitch to get one, or what? Because I really want one REALLY badly! 😀

  39. add me j.lee21 blue wing
    i have to go good bey!!

  40. when you are customizing your self you can hit ctrl, shift, s and change to a crazy skin color

  41. add me j.lee21 get me the eyes and robat face

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