Below is a list of costume ideas that me, and Coskit have came up with on this chat: I hope you will find these bizzare costumes enjoyable and cannot be found anywhere else. These creations are very unique and can be found no where else. Zoom in to view them at full size. If you want a copy of this costume then the recipes for the costumes are listed below. We cannot get you a copy because of the issue of credits. However, the recipes are listed below for the costumes if you want these costumes. Click on the objects to zoom in.


Space knights Costume recipe: Dark Astro knight helmet, dark astro knight body armor, space sentry backpack, sky hawk sword


Pirate Ninja Costume: recipe: Midnight Ninja head gear, striped pirate shirt (skullduggery island), Ninja numchuks, Ninja sword on back, Pirate money pouch (skullduggery island, pirate sword belt (skullduggery island)


Elemental Astro Knight (fire, ice, earth) recipe: Fire astro knight helmet, ice astro knight clothing, earth astro knight secondary clothing, ice astro knight pants(do not need credits, just need to beat island)


Harry Potter

Get Graduation Robe from store. Get shaggy hair. Get glasses. You can get both with the randomizing glitch. Get red cape from Mask and Capes in Super Power. Lastly, get the witch’s broom from Haunted House. That costume belongs to the poptropica excitement blog. I’d have to admit, they sure have some nice costumes there if you want to use them ;). Thanks for letting me show the harry potter costume guys!-elmopwns


NEW! Space pirate: recipe: Beard from customing pirate on skullduggery, pirate hate from skullduggery, pirate sword from members only pirate costume, peg leg from members only pirate costume(there is a cheat as mentioned in our cool stuff and cheats costume and your foot does not appear if you wear the peg, cool!), wings from space sentry costume, armor from steam robot costume.


Millions have took to the streets with flame grenades and in traditional clothes with weapons! Even a police headquarter was put into flames! It’s an uprising! To mimic the costumes and weapons used by the rebels, use these recipes to make a rebel costume yourself.

rebel costume recipe: Turban from nabooti island, clothe/chest garment and strips from the man standing near the museum at nabooti island, gun from police at super power island, and flame thrower from the spy next door ad! (to keep ad items, do not log on for a week and you will be able to keep them!)


Ninja Elite Captain

recipe: Ninja head cloth from Midnight Ninja OR from red dragon island ninja gear, ninja body from midnight ninja body clothing or from red dragon island ninja gear, body armor and sword on side belt( on top of clothing) from samurai warrior costume, Banner from samurai warrior costume, shoulder pads from samurai warrior costume, sword from pirate captain costume, and you might consider using phantom powers to make a special stealthy/dark affect for your ninja captain costume.


Warrior of Zeus

Recipe: Earth Astro Knight helm, Robe from man in Mythology Island, lightning staff from Poptropica store.

Simple yet effective ^^


Light and Darkness Knight

Recipe: sword on back from Midnight Ninja, Vanishing effect from store to give eiree and spooky feeling of costume, sword from Dark Astro Knight, Belt with sword on side of belt from the Templar Knight in Poptropica Store, Helmet from Dark Astro Knight, sword from Templar, white robes from angel, and body armor from Dark Astro Knight

A knight of light and darkness combined, ready to fight. Here is the final look you should have, click to zoom:


  1. Go to
    for some more costumes made by me.

    • ur harry potter costume is great! i’m wondering if i can post it on this blog and give u credit and link?

  2. Totally, thanks!

  3. I added some more costumes at the same link:

  4. nice costumes!!!!!

  5. Wow! That Harry Potter costume is great!

  6. HOW DO YOU GET MEDAL FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elmo Pwns: Typing in “HELP ME GET METAL FEET!” isn’t going to help. Please stop repeatedly saying stuff like “OH! PLEASE! PLEASE! HELP ME GET METAL FEET!”. It was an old dummy accounts. THey’re rare and hacked from game files. I don’t even have it anymore. And no, I do not support hacking, i only feature cool cheats and glitches. I don’t hack either. You can’t get it now.

  7. that ninja rocks!

  8. luckily i still have mine 😀

  9. Is there any way to get my poptropican’s eyes closed without icostume or map? And if there is how?

  10. Angry Wing Can I Change some contents of the Harry Potter Costume or maybe another type of Harry Potter . Thanks If You Agree.. 🙂 . I Hope You Agree….

  11. I have a cool costume called Opposites Attract. Here is how you do it.
    1. Put on then take off Hades’ Crown to get that cool hair.
    2.Torch yourself.
    3. Chew the Winter Blast Popgum.
    4. Get the chest strap thingy from the Sky Hawk Warrior.
    5. Colorize your skin white, and your hair black.
    6. Get the vest from the Pirate Captain costume in the store.
    7. Get the gun belt from Super Power island.
    8. Get the Limited Edition Renegade Robot backpack.
    There you have it!

  12. some costoms are for members thats no fair

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