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Free Account Giveaway!

Guys, i’m going to give away a free account for the people who want rares! So basically, just comment your email down there! I will write down your email and do a raffle on Christmas! Also, please spread the word of my blog, if you do, give me the link of the blog that you did and you will have another raffle ticket (max:2)

BTW: j.lee and I worked on this account.

So here’s the Poptropican, Cool Ice:

poptropican (6)

And, its username is starcontest1! Also, there’s much more in that account!

Posted by: StaraptorXD | December 2, 2012

Tribal Rooms!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Introducing tribal common rooms!

So you joined a Tribe, and it’s awesome. You know in your heart of hearts that your Tribe rules, and the other Tribes drool. But what else can you really do with your Tribe?

Now, you can enter your super-secret, ultra-awesome tribal common room!

Just go to your personality profile page and click on your tribal logo. You’ll see a new pop-up with a button that says “Join Room.”

That brings you to an all-new common room that’s bigger and better than the ones you usually find on Main Street, and which is only open to the members of your Tribe! You’ll be able to meet and befriend new tribal pals right away.

Not only that, but each of these new tribal rooms has a bunch of hidden interactive elements. Can you find them?

Visit Poptropica now to check out your new digs!

Hey guys, its me, SX, and i found a pretty cool feature on Poptropica Friends and here is the pic:


So when you go to Friends, you can find Tribes between Friends and Multiverse! You can go in the common room for your specified tribe, in this case, my tribe is Wildfire. So, check it out!

SX out

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Happy LATE Thanksgiving!

Sorry guys, I was on a vacation so, HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving thanks!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and before the Poptropica Creators pack it in for a long weekend of food and fun, we wanted to take a minute to tell the world what we’re thankful for. It’s a long list. We’re thankful for:

And much more. But most of all, we’re thankful for YOU!

Poptropica would be nothing without the millions of Poptropicans who log on every month. It would just be a bunch of sad islands full of woebegone characters with nobody to solve their problems, and thousands of clothing items never to be costumized. So thank you for playing Poptropica, and for giving us the chance to create it for you!

So, the creators are like thank you or this game would never be sucessful, blah, blah and blah. Okay, now, HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! So I wish you guys ate some turkey and broke off a wishbone and made your wish. That would be nice if it came true! Thanksgiving, all that food! But in Poptropica, all that mayhem! Wow, I wish you guys a Happy Late Thanksgiving!
SX out
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Costumes Closet For Non-members!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Try the Costume Closet for free!

So you’re not a Poptropica Member, and you really wish you could save 30 costumes to your Costume Closet. Well, for a limited time, you can. We’re offering a free trial of the Costume Closet for everyone to use!

From now through December 22, non-Members can save up to 30 unique looks, and try them them on whenever you’d like. To save a costume to your closet, use the “Save Look to Closet” button in the Costumizer. To access your closet, visit your profile page on Poptropica Friends and open the “Closet” tab.

You’ll need to act fast. The closet door will close to non-Members after December 22. Once the free trial is over, you’ll need a Membership to retrieve your stored costumes again. Enjoy! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

WOW! That is something the Creators have really accomplished! Now, non-members can store up to thirty costumes in the costume closet! This only lasts up to December 22, so hurry up and save some costumes! Pretty impressive! I wonder, is this a gift for Thanksgiving (I hope so cause we get something for Christmas!) or is it for an early Christmas gift, comment below to let us know your opinion! So, uh, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! That’s all for now!
SX out
Posted by: StaraptorXD | November 26, 2012

Skull Pirate Costume!

Monday, November 19, 2012

How can you get the Skull Pirate costume?

It’s not available in the Poptropica Store. You can’t costumize it on any Island. So just how can you get the one-of-a-kind SkullPirate costume?

Here’s a hint: the secret to getting the Skull Pirate costume is hiddensomewhere within the pages of Skullduggery Island. Find the secret code, and you can unlock the costume!

Additionally, if you visit the Skullduggery Island sample chapters, you’ll find another surprise. Click the “listen now” button to hear the first two chapters as read by the honeyed voice of Jeff Kinney, Poptropica Creator and Diary of a Wimpy Kid author!

Phew! Sorry I posted late, I was on vacation. Hey everybody, its me SX here! As you may know, a new promo code came out. The code is skullbook. It supposedly came from the book that Poptropica released, Poptropica: Skullduggery Island. The code offers a very cool costume, the Skull Pirate.I especially like that skeletal face, it’s amazing! What’s also cool is the sword and peg leg. By pressing space, you shish-ka-bab someone with the sword. The peg leg is very unique, it’s silver! Now that’s a first! That’s all for now and remember to lock your bedroom doors before the SKULL PIRATE STEALS YOUR SOUL! Just joking, lol.

Oh and btw, if this book came with a code, maybe the other one (the Astro Knights book) may come with a code! What do you guys think of that?

SX out

Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 24, 2012

Author Position Still Available

Hi, after previous attempts of short and posts somewhat random and arbitary to the main cause of this blog, I’m sad to say I had to let two authors go. The position is still available, and I will resume my role of posting soon (but I am just busy with my schedules). Thanks, and email a mock post to (with registered wordpress account) for a join.

Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 5, 2012

Author position Available!

Want to prove your writing style? Want to broadcast to over a few hundred subscribers and thousands more daily? A new author position is available on the Poptropica Project. I am just too busy most of the time with high school and my essayist nature or social relations sometimes. It’s starting to get to a relaxed yet busy time of my life. This means that I, the founder of this blog, am currently looking for an author to the blog to post! We are looking for following traits:

  • Posts at least once a week
  • Good or creative writing, and not too wacky or crazy
  • Enthusiasm and friendly nature
  • A wordpress account

If you think you’re in for the challenge, please email me a detailed post of any PCB post on the creator’s blog, and email it to (which is my school email). This should include pictures, details, analysis, and friendly or humorous details. THanks!

Posted by: Rainbow Dash | November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey Everyone, RD! Big news, I am returning to posting half-time on Poptropica! Thanks for sticking with this blog, guys, and thanks for covering, Creed! You will see new posts every once in awhile, and new cheats updated as well as snapshots. All comments will be updated, as well as petition comments, (the most popular part of the blog.) So happy…


That’s right, the long tradition of the Celtic Holiday Sahmain spread down throughout European history until it reached modern day traditions. It’s a shortened version of “All Hallows Eve”; but I’m sure you’re all out of history class by now, so onto Poptropica’s Halloween scares!

The creators gave us a reminder post on how we could choose to celebrate a few Halloween thrills, you can catch three adventures that are put on Poptropica. There are many more cards you can also purchase for this. The creators said that they were “going as zombies this year.” I wonder would this could mean xD.

First up we’re all familiar with the first Halloween quest: Great Pumpkin Island. It’s, as you all know, based off of the beloved Peanuts comic strip where Linus awaits the arrival of the Great Pumpkin, but does so hopelessly every year. Poor Linus :(

Inside this adventure, you’ll be taken through the world of Peanuts and as we also all know…Snoopy! You can learn more about. So head on down to Great Pumpkin Island for a few classic old games with the Peanuts gang.

Who could forget Ghost Story Island? The thrills and chills of an old New England haunting surely will kindle the spooky thoughts that arises in the player’s daring mind. Will you be brave enough to uncover the mystery of this island and set the wandering apparitions free? Enter if you dare!

Ghost Story Island

Want to donate blood…to vampires? You got it, just make sure to bring some garlic along with you in case they try to take too much xD. Vampire’s Curse Island is based on the protagonist’s efforts to bravely save a villager captured by the elusive count! And remember to not get hexed by its curse.

Vampire's Curse Island

Finally, who could forget the very first Halloween adventure that we all embarked upon? Enter an old and abandoned house to find out what spooky atmospheres you must uncover to discover clues. The Haunted House is a destination for a description of such. Eventually everything leads up to an untimely discovery somewhere near the mansion. That is all, since I know everyone despises a spoiler alert. Although it is technically not an island like the rest, Haunted House remains the first Halloween adventure back in time when Poptropica was still expanding and growing to the virtual realm it inhabits today!

Poptropica sure has grown over the years, and will continue to. All these islands are completely free, even the Haunted House as it became so some time ago. Members may choose to venture out on an extra quest for some of these islands if they want an extra challenge and extension to the ghostly plot. Have fun at these islands!

Lastly, the creators gave us a reminder we can all purchase a variety of Halloween costumes and abilities in the store. Maybe you want to have a ghost follower as they did come out with many years ago. Or maybe you just wish to see all your neighboring friends turn to bones. Perhaps you have a craving to play an island where you’re chased by the living dead through some abandoned street corner. They got it all :D .

And as the creators put in the final words for this spooky night “Try not to eat too much candy.” No really, try not to xD…unless you’re not afraid of heartburn or strange dreams in which you’re being chased by the Hersheys Bar you just ate. Been there, done that. Lastly, don’t forget to…

have an amazing Halloween!

Just to get into the spirit, I thought you might all like to enjoy something that Charles Schultz, the author of Peanuts, sketched about the Great Pumpkin:

Posted by: Calamity | August 23, 2012

Oh My Goodness!

* Wimpy Boardwalk is out for all non-members/members

* Lunar Colony comes out for non-members on Sept 6th 2012.

* Another island is coming out, From a comment on thePHB it might be called Super Villian Island

“Note the link for the binary bard picture: BinaryBard_SVI.jpg. The SVI could stand for Super Villain Island!”

By: Fearless Lobster on August 23, 2012 at 9:03 pm, When fearless lobster found this out he downloaded the picture. :3 And the file was named BinaryBard_SVI.jpg

Guess whos coming back! :3

Also theres been lots of pictures in the daily pop, Lots of the pictures includ scenes from willy wonka.
The creators won’t stop entertaining us with new islands. Also, The creators have huge plans for us. I hope they add Director D to this island, He was fun to beat in Spy Island.

Also fearless lobster was correct about the island name, “Super Villian Island”. Congratulations 😀
Posted by: Calamity | August 3, 2012

New Author.

Hello everyone, You might know me from thephc (Thephc is a poptropica help chat —> )  , If not I’m just a new blogger named Jcwarw3, I love to play poptropica also I’ve been playing poptropica for 3 years, I will now be posting weekly about poptropica’s latest news and updates.
My poptropicans username is Jcwarw3, Friend me xD. 
Okay! So lets get to the poptropica update
Theres going to be a new island called Lunar Colony! I’m guessing your going to be in a NASA program going into space *of course*
Heres the trailer!

It seems like your going to be riding around in a vehicle in this poptropica adventure.

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