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Want to discuss about poptropica? Or ask for help from the administrator(s)? Well you’ve come to the right spot. This place is ideal for poptropica discussions in the comment area. Talk with friends, chat, or just chillax!

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2. Talk about poptropica material

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4. Follow all rules

5. Have fun, people who do not follow rules will be banned and comments deleted.


  1. Feel Free to chat about poptropica here! Have fun and obey rules.

  2. You should have a Blog Directory for Poptropica Blogs on this blog

  3. This blog is LOADED with features. cool!!!

  4. Hey, you added the ads! (like a blog directory)

  5. What is everybody’s favorite island? BTW, awesome blog.

    • probaly steamworks island…check out one of our mega ultra big posts detailing the ending of steamworks island and a BUNCH of snapshots! πŸ™‚

    • I love super POWer! mainly cuz u can fly at the end, but it’s really fun to beat all the bad guys!

      • Yep

    • my favorite island is probably early poptropica

    • mines whimpy wonderland

      • mine has to be cryptids now…

  6. Yo yo yo yo…my legs are soooo sore from cross country…going to go read, then play some xbox, then go do some poptropica….ep out!

  7. Do the admin people complete all the islands, cuz they know how?
    Or do they just make them?

    • just make em

      • How would you know…?

  8. Cuddly hawk, about ur last comment. I’m going to have to grant some information if u don’t mind. How long has it been since ur last log in? I might t be able to help u. This is very weird I must say. In my post instated hownpoptropica changed a lotmofmur characters or costumes whether u liked ot or not. Did u know, on some peoples accounts, They had monster carnival stuff removed? I spelled a bunch of things wrong back there since I type really fast btw. I’ll see what imcan do.

  9. hey, cuddly hawk, it wont let me log in on any of the accounts. r u sure u spelled those right? can u please retype the accounts accurately without a single space or whatsoever with the passes? thanx. ur privacy is valued and the comment will not be published.

  10. thx so much! But those weren’t my passwords. It was the character names and USERNAMES, not passwords. But I figured out the prblem. I apparently needed to renew my account or something, and I put in my email and renewed it. It’s fine, but thanks SO much for 1. your concern, and 2. Trying the “usernames and passwords”, even though they aren’t really “users and passes”. They all work again.
    Again, thx so much for your concern about all your users and want to make them happy. I am very happy now, knowing that u care.
    Lastly, again, everything’s alright, and I can log on. Sorry about my paranoidness earlier. I was tired, and I was mad at Club Penguin cuz I’m not a member, and I can’t do anything, basically. I was afraid that something had happened here, too. But nothing had happened.

    • Ur very welcome. Thankyou. Have a good day, over and out.

  11. hi elmopwns. how did u get the fact monster suit on the fail pics page?

    • my old author used to do it but he got fired for deleting people’s blogs. he claims he will hack us when he can’t since wordpress has the highest security.

      • He hacked Loud Shark’s wordpress blog.

      • That’s not good. Why was he deleting blogs? And why would he threaten to delete yours?

  12. wordpress can’t really be hacked. They have the upmost security. Stupid hackers. Hey Ahmed, can’t touch this!!! nah nah nah, can’t touch this! someone play the cd

  13. uh………. i don’t exactly have the cd…

  14. hey, has anyone gotten the prize for nessie yet?

  15. nice blog!!!!!!!going to play halo now btw too bad dragon followers can’t shoot fireballs!!1

  16. Something’s wrong with Cryptids Island. I almost won the game (I was at the part where you’re supposed to follow Bigfoot), and I pressed the START button to start following Bigfoot, then it showed the helicopter and Bigfoot, but neither moved. I waited a long time, and Bigfoot didn’t move and I tried clicking, but the copter didn’t move either. Please fix! I’m almost done with the game but there’s something wrong!

    • elmo pwns: it is a temporary glitch. be sure to SAVE YOUR game after each cryptid. If u saved the game, log out or shut down the computer. The servers are swamped with players so u might have to wait an afternoon. I recomennd playing at night since not many people play during night. So get back on and redo the part or something

      • the thing is, I WAS playing at night, and i clicked out and logged back on like three or four times. Still nothing. It does that for all 5 of my characters. The good thing is, I do save my game and i did, so i am just before i have to follow him. Do you know whats wrong?

  17. Yes, once again, it is a loading glitch. I’ve experienced it too and so have thousands of other people on poptropica’s servers. I’m stuck on the same part as well and so try some of these options:

    -close all other programs as they may slow ur computer down
    -if uve done that, ask your parents to help you by clearing all cookies(computer/technical thing)
    -still doesn’t work, contact the poptropica help page for a complaint as it may be the creators’ servers problem. I doubt it’s our computers, it must be wrong with the server. File a complaint about your account at poptropica.com. Go to the bottom of the page and click contact us and then click poptropica feedback and state your problem
    -if nothing else works and if they don’t reply, wait a while. I mean, sometimes u just have to really wait for them to fix something. I remember that when Big nate island came out, I always got frozen at one spot at the lighthouse and bird area and it tends to happen. I waited a few days and tried logging on/logging out for a while and a little while later, they fixed it. Good luck.

    • Thanks. I’m glad you are aware and are trying to help me. Thats a really good sign that you care about your customers!

      • ur welcome, u know we appreciate people like you and try to treat everyone fairly. unlike some other blogs, we provide step by step help guides and we actually work with u and beleive me, i care if u can log on or not since I HAVE HAD THE SAME DIFFUCULTIES. and they are annoying me!!!

  18. GASP! I went on Poptropica just now and tried the Bigfoot thing, and it worked! It’s fixed! I beat the island! YAY!!


    I’m going to try that. I normally sleep around nine, so I can usually wake up at three without an alarm. (I fall out of bed…) and I’ll try that.

  20. I faked profiles

    • Masongoode/quiet spinner. WordPress marked all your comments as spammed since u exceeded “over the 30 comment limit” on your first day you commented.

      • masoongooder is quiet spinner?

  21. at cryptids it wont add where bigfoot was spotted help!

    • Maybe you didn’t go through all the steps. You need to capture everything else first before you go there. If you did, it is most likely a technical issue.

  22. uhhh its impossible to eat the watercress salad i keep clicking but it doesnt work!

    • Yeah, that’s what I thought when I got stuck on the art. Theres no otber advice except to just c,icm as FAST as you possibly can. Just have both fingers on and keep clicking quickly. No other strategy, just smash your hands up anddlwn as fast as you can on the words that the guy is saying.

      • Watercress salad sounds gross. i mean its basically a bowl of wierd juice like things and vegies floating around. yuck.

      • that sounds like what masongooder1 is…seriously ;). u can complain to the hacker at npotts8588@gmail.com. he can’t hack, only guesses passwords cause he’s annoying

    • BIG tip: Just remember, don’t lift your finger from your key….it takes more time to jam it down again, if you know what I’m saying. If you keep your finger on the clicker thingy, then you won’t waste time. It’s just milliseconds saved, but you never know, it could help. πŸ™‚ You also don’t need to waste your stregnth jamming on the poor mouse like you hate it, click lightly so you have more energy to click faster. It works for me….heheh. good luck!


  23. hahahhaahahhaaa!!!! masoon gooder1 aka the yucky salad pile gross thingy majang!!!lol

  24. When I was playing on Cryptids island I forgot to save and my rope was gone when I went back on. Now I can’t get further in it. Can you give me a new one?


  25. I forgot to say this was to the poptropica creators.

  26. Whoever wrote the shrink ray island help!! I got the thumb drive and typed in the password m4ri3cur13 and it said it was incorrect! What should I do??? 😦

    • follow the guide step b y step, maybe u missed a part

      • thnx the password is still wrong….. it was m4r13cur13
        instead of m4ri3cur13 so ur wrong.. not 2 b mean or
        anything but u should change it! πŸ™‚

  27. Free poptropica!! Anyone take it!! No islands finished but 75 credits!
    Brand new! I dont want it! Take it!

    • Forgot 2 say… the username is blahO123 pass is ggggg

  28. I am on Spy Island, Im on the rooftop and close to the tube to get into the lab and beat Spy Island; But it acts like its loading then just keeps loading and wont stop so I cant play anymore…Any having this problem? Or anyone know a solution?

  29. I’m on Game Show Island. I’m trying to play the last game show in Tokyo. After the robot guy introduces Mr. Yoshi, it tries to load the instructions but it just loads and loads and doesn’t do anything. And if i run over one of the icons, the mouse turns back to normal and I have to click the “close” button. Then I’m back with the robot guy, and I have no choice but to leave the show completely. I’ve tried everything! I’ve restarted my computer, logged out of my account and then logged back in. I’ve even didn’t get back on Poptropica for a day, thinking that the people who created Poptropica know of the problem and are trying to fix it! But it still isn’t working! What do I do?!?

    • Well, my Poptropican’s name is Golden Speck. My real name is Rachel. Sorry about that.

  30. hi

  31. can anyone get me free money my username popcorn19018 password taffee01

  32. Haha Hey Guys! I’ve been stuck on the boss level of SteamWorks island, and i need a bit of help. I can beat the first monster, I know the trick is to shoot them when their necks are out. But the second monster has been getting to me. I can’t beat him! I just realized the last comment was DECEMBER 29TH… -.- but anyway what can you do that helps beat him? He keeps hitting me with those planet-looking things.

  33. ok so on poptropica Ghost story my internet had exited out when i was receving the money from the newspaper lady and now i cant finish the rest someone help me my username is blulil7

  34. I FOUND A CHEAT YOU GUYS!!!! First, press Ctrl and +. Then, do as instructed on the Getting close to someone during custumization. Click chat on the right side of the screen. Click cancel, and then chat with a player outside of a multiplayer room!

  35. I would like to file a complaint with poptropica. The River Styx game in Mythology island is much much too hard for the general age group of poptropica players. I am almost 20 and i found myself cussing and yelling because i couldn’t even get halfway through the frigging river.

  36. it will not let me make an account instead instead it says there is a problem connecting to the database


  38. I cant get through binary bards dream!!!! i keep falling out of solid objects!!!!!!

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