Poptropica Log

This page is entitled to occasional logs on Poptropica. Each log/journal entry is different and unique. Scroll down to read previous and new logs. THese logs are about:

-glitches/cheats, discoveries on Poptropica, and maybe even leaked items or some things from the on going monster carnival island clues!


log 1:

February 2-21-2011

While embarking on the first of many of my adventures, I land on Counterfeit island. I got a little side tracked with my brother, so we went downstairs and played Halo. Like…waaay overtime. I’ve came upstairs to realize something on my computer had malfunctioned, causing my poptropican to do the weirdest of things.

(Click on picture for closeup…) Okay, it’s a little bit blurry, and I couldn’t cut out the other things so that only the poptropica stuff was on there, because I took a lot of snapshots. But clearly, my head has seperated from my body, and I have whipped out my amazing anti-power hand cuffs from super power island. It’s creepy in a weird way. And the item I’m holding (My bro, Blue Axe, got the information somewhere else on how to do it, and told me…) is floating in mid air.

Call it whatever you like…but this is ULTIMATE TOURISM!! Okay, no it’s not. But it’s pretty cool. He was taking random photos, and once again, I don’t QUITE think i completed the island of cryptids island yet….(I know the camera’s from there because I beat it on my old account…)

Additionally, I had pulled out my handy crowbar…from 24 Carrot, I think. You use it to open the pipe leading to the ventilation shafts, but this isn’t quite where crowbars would be used.

Yes, it’s a CROWBAR. It’s pretty cool, and I was staring at this for a while, until suddenly…

WHAM. I get whacked to the floor. This only shows the process, but…take my word for it. I get SQUASHED flat, but my head is still floating, blank and emotionless…(That’s kinda freaky.) And then finally, he pulls out a shovel. From Nabooti, naturally, but guess what? It flickers a bit, and every time it flickers, you could see something white. Using my ninja skills, I took a snapshot JUST in time to see…

Well, I don’t know WHAT it is. Comment on the post and tell me your opinion. I think it’s the skull shovel from Skullduggery, and elmopwns, when I was chatting with him, thought it was some sort of skull staff. Either way, it was pretty freaky to pause it and see a white skull shovel/staff appear out of nowhere.

I was pretty much dumbfounded by this glitch, and I wanted to wait until ep could come over so I could show him, but it messed up my computer, and I still needed to beat Counterfeit. So…I had to turn it off… (NOOOOO!!!) But halfway through the island, i realized that these were items from past islands; the crowbar from 24 Carrot, the shovel from Nabooti, the skull…shovel (I really think it’s a shovel, not a staff…) from Skullduggerry island, et cetera. Everytime it would pull out a random item…and I realized that it might eventually show leaked items. I was yelling at myself for closing the poptropica tab so early…but anyways, that concludes our first entry in the Poptropica Project Journeys log. What other mysterious, grueling, possibly awesome secrets will I come across? Stay tuned…for more cool stuff! (Ugh, I know I sound like a weird TV show at the start of commercials…)



Log 2

April 4-4-2011

Lately, my colleague has been suffering odd things on his computer. Though this is a short entry, I suppose what they say is true: A picture is worth a thousand words.



  1. Seriously, it IS a skull shovel!!! Heheheheheh. I wish I could carry that around me all the time tho….and YES, I DO post comments on my own posts.

  2. ? I would want to carry hades staff instead

  3. Thats so cool i mean I have got some wired stuff!
    But thats the wiredest!

  4. Ah that has happened to me before! I was doing every action you could do. I was like shooting guns, fishing, fighting with swords, etc. I was like WHAT THE FU….

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