Poptropican of the week

Every week we will be posting one poptropican. This page is now open for BUSINESS! If you want your poptropican character on this page,  email me at elmopwns00@gmail.com for your poptropican to be on here! A new week, a new poptropican. We will not feature duplicate poptropicans by the way. This is now open for business!


this weeks poptropican of the week is…*drum roll* *drum roll*……1234swees, or radiance






  1. when is this going to be online?

    • right about…now!

    • can i be poptrpican of the week my poptropicans name is allie1420000

  2. I sure am a fan of this blog!

  3. canu copy the costume to our characters?

    elmo pwns: You can ask Nikan for it, he is usually on at the poptropica chat. Search poptropica chat at google.

    • i can’t copy them onto your characters, but i could clone an account like that

  4. You should keep all the previous Poptropican of the Weeks on here so people can see all the different ones and not miss them

  5. Nikan87 has been Poptropican of the Week for way over a week

    • until we get new entires, it stays poptropican of the week for some time :/. Plus I got at least 7 emails concerning how to get Nikan’s costume so it looks like it’s quite the rage…:/

  6. nikan has been the poptropican of the WEEK for TWO TO THREE MONTHS

    • I no right?!

    • Ok, angry wing, ur gonna have to email me another poptropican of the week

  7. Man, it really WAS worth my time visiting this blog. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE.

    • Ur welcome, daniel

  8. =D

  9. 🙂

  10. ahmed, in your previous comment, loud shark gave me the idea just to let u know and i wasn’t on roughrider’s blog long enough to know all that stuff before the blog got changed to credits…

  11. thanx elmopwns for putting me on there

  12. oh yeah and plus you have an awesome blog!!!

  13. cool

    • thanks guys, all of u, want to be on here?

  14. thanx elmopwns for putting me on there 🙂

  15. put black widow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. zoohill.5 and .7of zoohill pleas if you do i will get everyone in my trailer park to play it live at flourbluf

  17. Could anybody help me on how to see if the fur sample is fake or not on cryptids island?i follow all the directions, but still, it keeps saying,”you need to follow the steps exactly.try no to spill anything!” could someone help me? my facebook name is and my email is kiannareyes@ymail.com.

  18. I’d like to be on there. I’m too lazy to send an email, but EP knows who I am. I hope. My username is 1234swees

  19. do dummy accounts count??

  20. my user is alfie_fong



  21. What about me i wanna be it to i did over five islands in two weeks.

  22. lol captain

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