The chat room

The official chat room of the poptropica project:

The old one was cussed at. Since there was no rank/actual way of rule enforcement, this is the system of the new chat.

When you start chatting, just begin typing in the bar and press enter. Do not cuss, say bad language, impersonate, or advertside. We know who you are, you will be banned if you break the rules. How do we do this? With this rank system that YOU can be promoted to after an amount of time spent on the chat with trust.

Guests: Appear green, just regular chatters, some first timers

members: blue icon, are regulars on the chat that follow the rules and come often.

Moderators: Marked with white, these are the guardians of the chat. If they detect anything bad, they can and WILL ban and kick you. They have much power including playing videos for everyone.

Owners: These are the ultimate enforcers. Owners stop by to make sure everything is completely on track. They can ban you for life (banished). Owners are marked with a gold icon. They make sure every rule is followed and stop by sometimes to take a look at the chat bars and see who is talking and such.

How to chat: The basic system is very simple! Play by the rules and you could be promoted to a member. Just type into the box and press enter. If we feel you have a HIGH level of respect and authority, you may be promoted to moderator or even owner. Do not advertise. Do not fake your personality. Do not say hate speech, innapropriate language, or advertise. Do not spam. Spamming includes pressing random words and typing them in or flooding the chat room with too many messages at a time.


  1. ok i promise not to be bad


  3. Have any of you herd of Monster Carnival?

    • I have, I’m assuming their going to do something with MonsterCarnival yet again, In the Poptropica Friends update they showed us a Poptropican adding a poptropican with the user “MonsterCarnival2012”.

    • Well no, but there’s a petition to get it started on another page. Maybe it’ll be a special, mini-island, like Haunted House or something 🙂

  4. This is the chat room?

  5. I think it’s okay! Good Job EP!!

    • Sorry I repted

  6. I think it’s okay! NIce JOB EP!!! (:

  7. Hi. My name is Prickly Dolphin AKA Fierce Star. I am new to your blog. Click on my name to view my profile.

  8. Hello?

  9. Does anybody know how to get poptropica at school?

    • have you tried ultrasurf?

  10. they should put a trade system in poptropica so players can trade each other

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