Fail pics.

This is a new page detailing fail snapshots of Poptropica. This is something alot of blogs don’t have (not to brag) hey, that rhymes!  Enjoy the FAIL pics. (and click the images to zoom in)

Warning, the pics below are fail pictures. Do you really want to see people failing? Then scroll on down….

belief fail

Job fail

flirting fail

stalking fail

killing fail

Crab smashing fail

Balloon boy fail(for the cheat to fly through the air with a balloon in counterfiet island, go to the cool stuff and cheats page)

Weight fail

Gnome Attack Fail


  1. cool

  2. lol at the last one

    • Do u think they are good???

      • yeah, took some time to make them


  4. pogositx is awesome and so is elmo pwns!!!!

  5. oh yeah and nice fail pics

  6. hahahahaha luv these

  7. wieght fail!

  8. lol those are my gnomes xD
    thanks for putting me in :3
    perfect runner is my sister lol

  9. ah!!!!! the the the dummies are back! they will make you costimize them lol!

  10. This page has been featured!! 😀
    Click please!

  11. Cool! Peace out

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