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Early Poptropica
Shark Tooth

~Mini Quests~
Earth Day
Haunted House
Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab

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Mega packs: These are posts/packs containing walkthroughs/tips/ratings and guides! Created by Elmo Pwns. Copy, and copyscape will detect and we will inform the web master, who will shut you down for good. :
Cryptids island mega pack:

The creators are unleashing a series of posts on the blog about the upcoming cryptids island. Members have gotten to play ever since it started snowing and since all the non members are going to be able to explore this island, if you don’t want spoilers, then don’t read this.

Ok, so you read it, in fact, I suspect that you are on of the nine of ten people that will read this because a survey showed, if you use don’t read this or “go away from this site!” in the title to try to not have people come, they’ll come…:) This is the cryptids island mega pack! guides, tips for hunting cryptids, story, and more!

First up. The spoilers:

  • you do not find the yeti only a fake footprint is seen
  • the jersey devil is found and you take back an egg for dna testing
  • you rescue bigfoot from an evil bounty hunter in the pacific northwest (where i’m from, yay!)
  • you use a whistle to lure the loch ness monster and then take a photo of it. The other post on the creators blog with the tires is a FAKE loch ness. That isn’t the real one, just fake tires.
  • The chupacabra is found when: talking to all the farmers, and then getting information on how to cage it. There is a peice of coyote fur you find but it is fake so don’t go all the way back to ze lab and then you have to drive all the way back and all that stuff so don’t go back because of the coyote fur!!! You find real proof when you cage the monster after hearding three spotted sheep into a cave like area with an off road truck.
  • You get to use a helicopter and BOARD an enemy plane!!! Coool (at the end though).


The story:

You arrive on the island and then you have to talk to harold mews, whom is the owner of a biggg mansion. You go around town, get a kite, help a cryptids hunter get pushed off a ledge while on a wind surfer so she can hunt for cryptids and u later find her at new jersey. You get harold mew’s permission for the heli and you take off. Upon entering the himilayas, you must climb some sort of mountain. On the top is a monastery of monks and you go and get  picture of a yeti footprint. For those who need help finding objects, our quick guide is below this. After you get a picture of that, close forensic science determines it to be fake and you give up ze search for the yeti. You may choose any of these locations: Puerto Rico, Loch Ness, New Jersey.

The puerto Richo crisis: Farmers are in need of assistance. The chupacabra has been plauging the area and has been attacking livestock. Talk to the farmer and drive the ATV across the wilderness. Use ze map to guide you to other farms where you gather information: the chupacabra only eats dotted sheep, only eats brown sheep with dots, and eats in some cave(middle of map) with a heard of three of the kinds of sheep. After hearding the sheep there, you may also visit a farm and find that there is a small feather sample. Get all the items you need (when searching the area) from the farm and then go for the chupacabra. You and another farm attempts to cage it, but it breaks free and packs a tearful bight! Ouch! Then, you get the tooth it drops and get evidence.

loch ness: Upon arriving, go to the pub to win a game of darts. After that, you get a ticket for the row boat. Get on the rowboat and ask the guy to start rowing. Then get the camera(guide for that below). Once you have required the camera, the guy will row you down and you will see many tires. Take a picture. After more examination back at the mews lab, it is a fake. Go back and confront the guy and warn him that you will call the cops on him for fraud. He runs away. After a second trip to the pub, you get a submarine ticket. Ride the submarine to cherry island and get a picture of an old sucken loch ness movie prop. It is a fake and show it to the people at the bar. They will say “aww wee laddie, it’s a fake, how about a feathered dart instead?” and gives you a feather dart. Win another game to aquire a whistle(after talking to the people and getting the flute) and blow the whistle after rowing the boat to cherry island. Loch ness monster will appear and you can get a good shot of him!

New Jersey woods: You arrive at night near woods with a highway in the backround. The wind kite surfer you helped push off the cliff so she can take off crashed in a tree. She says the evil bounty hunter sabotaged her mission(I think it was gretchen or something). Now, you will need the bolt cutters from your items and use it to cut the lock in the trash can. Sort through the trash until you get to a path of directions. It’s a paper that shows directions for where to go in the woods and you will need it. Now go to the restroom(not literally!) and there are more directions written on the toilet stall(sickos….); it is unknown who wrote it but you will need to follow these ominous directions. Get on the motorcycle and drive following the directions/paths. For example, if it says: left, left, shiver in fright. Then first, you go to the nearest fork in the road and go left until you hit another fork, and then go another left. Once you are at the location, go out of the motorcycle and you will be at an old abandoned house, home of the jersey devil. Go up to ze attic and you will hear a thumping. Open the trunk and it appears only to be a raccoon. Then there’s more noises that are audible and you will see the creepy jersey devil fly by a window! Go out and you will see the jersey devil. It escapes into the wilderness and climb up a tree with the rope. On top, should be the egg. After more forensic science back at Mews mansion, it reveals a positive match and you now have proof of ze Jersey Devil!

the final hunt: Bigfoot has been spotted in the Pacific northwest. Go on the helicopter and go to the pacific northwest. You will need to chase him for a few minutes. Tips: follow his EXACT path. If he goes in a very large bush, circle around the push many times until he comes out and you should be able to keep an eye on him. Follow his exact path and he may dissapear into the bush several times. Gretchen will eventually capture him. You must keep an eye on gretchen’s heli as well and follow her every movement. It shouldn’t be too hard. Don’t go TOO fast and watch the turns/follow here very closely. She can’t hide under bushes though. After that, you will need to board her helicopter. Do it and use the plant cutter/snippers to cut the rope from the bigfoot cage. Bigfoot will be free and gretchen crashes as her evil reign ends. Island complete! Harold Mews needs to establish a natural habitat/cave for bigfoot to live in but he needs the money. You will have to forfiet the million dollars . At least you got 200 credits and a medallion though! Rock on and hope this guide/mega pack helps you!

the ratings. We here, the critics at the poptropica project, a very experienced blog, have thought about every factor of the all new cryptids island such as – difficulty, funness, envioroment. And here is our rating:

Difficulty: 9.5/10

funness: 8.78/10 (some parts too rigorous)

enviroment: 9.8/10

overall: 9.1/10 (A-)

The hard to find items/frequently asked, and where to get them

  • bolt cutters: at a farm in puerto rico, drive there with the ATV and it is on a rocky ledge.
  • feather sample: near the same farm as above, it is really coyote fur and is a FAKE
  • Camera: in loch ness after helping the man with the truck stuck under the bridge, release the air from the tire to do so by clicking on it and then pressing the nozzle. He will give you the camera
  • the flute/whistle to lure loch ness: by winning a second game, using feathered darts after going back to the pub after you used the submarine ticket/got the picture of the sub.
  • the dollar for buying the sports drink at the beggining: in the farthest tree in town at the very end of the main island, in a tree. Use it to buy: the sports drink. Give the sports drink to the person trimming the hedges. He will take a break, grab the garden trimmers and go on to the kite area. Help the girl get pushed off to the wind and then go to the person, whose balloon is stuck in a tree. Use the garden trimmers to cut him loose.
  • Durable thread: get it by cutting the person in the balloon loose with the garden hedges, which you get by getting the dollar(previous one in the list) and by buying the worker a sports drink in the general store so that the person will leave for a break and you get his trimmers(phew). After getting the thread, use it to fly one of those X2000 or something kites.


Wild West Island Mega Pack:

Here is the long awaited mega pack for Wild West Island! It took me an entire week with hours each day! I was trying to solve every single part while typing this walkthrough for the unique blog and everyone reading it! I wish you best of luck on the new island for members, and non members! Good luck hunting El Mustachio, and may the Poptropica servers be with you….bad joke, I know….Hey pogostix013, this took me a WEEK AND HOURS EACH DAY. Mind if you do the next 3 posts for me? Thanks much man!

The walkthrough is split into 3 acts. Act 1: the desert and introduction. Act 2: the Hunt for El mustachio. And Act 3: The showdown.

walkthrough(split into 3 acts):

Act 1: the desert
Upon entering the island, you will be on the main street of the island. First, save your game, then go to the rusty’s ranch and click on the person to try and tame the horse. You will need to try and follow the arrow at the bottom with your own mouse. Once done that, you get the horse, Elmer, and a whistle to call him as well. Then, go to the wilderness/desert. Before doing so, save your game and ask the girl on the horse, near main street for information on the desert. She will give you a letter to deliver to a sheriff in Diamond plains. Ride your horse through the wildnerss(using the map) to diamond plains. Go to Ruby’s saloon and dismount your horse. Then, you must play a game to find out which person is the sheriff. The game involves spitting gum into a tray. To win, you must beat the person by spitting in acurately into the vase. To win, an easy trick is to keep on closing the game if the person misses on the first shot(which is the closest/easiest). Then, when he easily misses on the first shot, shoot and easily make it. To shoot, click the mouse and to make it go to different directions, charge up the power of your “spit” (in directions of game) and shoot. Once you win, the person will tell you that the marshall/sheriff is at the front table. He will recieve the letter and will have “other matters to attend” and goes and gives YOU the marshall badge. The train hasn’t come to the town in months. Report to the marshals/sheriff’s office near the far left side of the town. Put on your marshall badge and the person will tell you you need an official marshall potrait. To do this, go back to dusty gulch on main street and then to the photo guy who will give you a photo now since you “look younger” than before. The person will give you a potrait/picture. There is a fun little game, in which you need steady hands on the mouse to align the potrait up. The person will give you a frame and the game will begin. The frame will shake/move, but try to keep the frame still so it has the picture of you in the empty space. Onceyou have finished, go back to the marshals office at diamond plains to review the case. Go the potrait and click use in front ofthe sheriff. The person makes you a marshall and gives you a pea shooter(awww no gun or heavy duty pistol). Apparently, you’re thenew marshal now and these criminals escaped from jail (el mustachio). You must find clues to go after them.

act 2: the hunt
Beggining with Act 2, outside the jail, some of the criminals are on horses (when you exit the town). They run off and you exclaim “dagnabit, they got away!”. Don’t fret, there will be plenty of chances. Now, evidence and clues will need to be examined in various locations. Now, go to El cactos and there will be a shooting contet. Ignore the main street for now and go the casino and top floor. You will need to win a game of slapjack. The game is also called egyptian ratscrew and it hurts like crazy in real life! Once you see a slapjack, slap your hand in the middle of the table quickly! you must have fast hands/instincts! Don’t pay attention to the cards, instead, look at the hands of the other people! Once one moves, a flick of the mouse you’re holding can be faster than they’re hand! In fact, at all times, have your mouse on the center of the pile! Once you see the glimpse of their colored hands, click as fast as you can! Once you lose all your cards, you’re out! It gets easier when someone drops out of the game. When there’s only one left, you got to be quick and your click should be faster than they’re mouse. Sometimes, they might try to trick you and the card might move into the pile and out, remember, mouse on the pile at ALL TIMES, and CLICK THE MOMENT YOU SEE THEIR HANDS. Once you have won, he cannot pay up, because he does not have enough money. Instead, he gives you the map to a lucrative gold mine! Remember to save your game! The slapjack tournamnet is long and grueling! Next, go to the shooting contest left of the casino. You will need the pea shooter to play. To win the shooting contest, you must have good aim. This comes in handy if you play games like halo or xbox first shooter games . You must shoot as many targets as you can in the least amount of time to beat your opponent. Reload as fast as possible as well. Move your mouse quickly and shoot quickly as well. Reload and move the mouse at the same time! Shoot and move at the same time as well. Get the bigger targets first. Each round is harder than the last one. If you have fast hands, it shouldn’t be too hard. There are five whooping rounds. Once finished, the person will give you a…spud pistol! still not close to a real assualt rifle….:(. Also, go to main street in the town and apparently, some person sold him something that made his head swell. You will need to find the rare blue tulip. Keep your eyes PEELED. Next, with the treasure map, go to the place, at the far right side of the desert map, to the place where the gold mine is at. You cannot dig gold without a gold pan so you will need to resort to another area to try and (find this gold pan). Enter the town of rock ridge and talk to the person with all the cows. One of her calves has run off to the desert. To help, she tells you that you can find her and take her to the ranch west of there. She also gives you a lasso to catch the calve. Before you go wandering around the desert to search for the calve, go to the right of the town and there will be the person selling elixer (who made the persons at cacto’s head grow big). You will need gold/money in order to talk to him and he is very rude, too. Keep going right until you are up in a treehouse farthest right! You will need to get the gold pan from the mine(that is locked). There is a canary flying around with the key to the mine near the mine’s entrance. Click on it and you will shoot it with your spud gun. Get the key, and unlock the door to the mine! Keep going into the mine. There is much shaking in it as well. hop on board the cart of coal cart and prepare for one heck of a ride! You must use the spud gun to shoot the buttons on the way. Whenever you see one of those buttons, shoot immediately and straight foward at the top half of the button! It will activate the bridge, which will connect with another bridge so you do not fall off! It is a long, yet easy ride. Do not worry about shooting the bats, since they will not harm you. At the end of the ride, go up the rocks and you will find the blue tulip! At the main street, by further talking to the bank owner, you might find that El mustachio is planning to rob the bank and will want you to catch him! There is also a strange man selling elixers to people, and then the elixers do all sorts of perculiar stuff to them. The other kid had his head infflated! Go back to the cactos town with the guy with the inflatting head and give him the blue tulip by clicking use in front of him. The person gives you a scrap of a map that when complete, shows the hideout of el mustachio! Now, the hard part, time to get out of town to herd those cows! Talk to the girl if you can help again. The cows should be all near the farm. press space bar to use the lasso and pull them into the ranch! Then, go back to the girl and she will give you a saddle! Then, five OTHER COWS HAD FLED AS WELL! AGGGGHHHH! YOU MUST DO THE SAME AND CATCH FIVE COWS!!!! Go back to the area and use your lasso to catch the five cows. Wait till they stop, and then precisely aim and fire with your lasso! The girl will then give you a rattle snake wrangler suit! Cool, a live snake! Go to Dusty Gulch and trade the saddle for a gold pan. After that, go back to the place where the gold mine is at and pan for a golden nugget! Go to Rock Ridge and to the person selling elixers. Use the gold nuggett and he will give you one of every potion to make you transparent/invisible and will help you in later travels! Next, go back to the trading area and return the gold pan to the person. He will say he has nothing else to give you except the oil can! The next location is in the abandoned/wrecked building of Diamond Plains.  Be careful, the place is tall and steep, one fall could be disastrous! The first plank you jump on, in the middle of the room, will break! Go to the bottom of the room and move the bottom block to to the right so you can jump on the next flight of planks. Next, go the other side of the room, and you will see a huge metal rod. Click on the apparatus on the bottom that the string, that is attachted to the metal rod is attached to. The rod will drop. Walk across it, but be careful. Another peice of wood at the end of the wood bridge will fall. Use the blocks to help you get back up if you fall. Peices of wood that are paler than others are most likely to fall. Jump over those peices and avoid them! Next, make your way to the far right of the room and deliberately/purposelly drop off the wood at the bottom of the column. Use the block at the end to push it under the ladder next to the column so that you can jump on the ladder. Jump on the ladder and climb up to the top layer. Climb up the ladder and watch out! The board on the bridge at the top will fall! Be careful on this next part, jump over the board and land on the small space/wooden plank in the top of the room. Jump again to the wooden plank higher than that. Be careful! The next plank you step on will collapse! Jump over it to the other side of the wooden bridge. You should see another device holding something up. Click on it and the rope will break, causing another bridge to be made! This next part is the hardest! If you fall, you must start ALL OVER AGAIN. There are three broken boards. Jump as quick as possible! when you land on the first one, DASH ACROSS AS QUICK AS YOU CAN AND JUMP WHEN YOU REACH THE END TO THE VAULT AT THE OTHER SIDE. Now, good thing you have oil! Use the oil to loosen the gears on the vault up!There are several key components in the middle you will need to loosen up with oil. On the big gray gear on the bottom, next to the top right of it, there are several gears. Oil them up so that all of them turn yellowish. The gears go in a long row all the way to the top where it meets another gray area! These section of gears will need to be completely oiled yellow so the gray big gears can turn! The clock tower can now turn, thanks to you! Because of that, the train has finally arrived! Go to the train station to examine the area. Ride the train. Along the way, one of the criminals will try to attack you! Use your spud shooter to keep him back! He is pretty fast on his horse so when you shoot, shoot directly in front of him so that the potato can have time to hit him! You have four lives and when you see him, shoot! You must try and stop them from reaching the front of the train! Do no let the train get robbed! Follow them and shoot a little bit in front of them when aiming! Use your combination of carbonate to allow the riders to stop for a moment so you can get a good aim! Always shoot a tad in front of them, and for the fast riders, use carbonate! Once you are done with stopping the initial robbery(hard part) go to the city with  the bank, which is rock ridge! The bank has been robbed! Too late! Talk to the bank person. Mustachio and their gang DID leave behind the second peice to their hideout! Now you have the full map to the hideout! The location should be added to your map. Move to the new location and prepare for confrontation with the notorious El Mustachio!

Act 3: Showdown
Upon entering the hideout, it’s pretty ironic and obvious it’s a secret hideout. I mean, talk about an enigmas gang of bandits! There are signs everywhere saying: no hideout here, or: go away, there is not secret hideout! What a farce! Laughable! When you are near the secret base, the people will hear something(guards). Their weapons are raised in the air. Now, drink the elixer potion that makes you invisible! Better hurry! The effect does not last forever! Move past the guards and further into the hideout. There will be a shootout! Prepare for the final showdown! You must shoot objects to force the bandits from their hiding places! Here are the objects to shoot and how to get them out of the area: criminal at far right: shoot the gun on top of the fireplace so that the gun fires and then shoots another objects in a chain reaction making the lantern knock down, which makes the bearded criminal come out! Use your carbonate concentration by pressing space so you can get a clear shot of him! Next, go to the right! The criminal is hiding behind a vault! Shoot the money bag on top of the vault so the coins knock her dizzy! Now, keep going to the FAR right until there’s another person with a black beard! Shoot the root beer bottle on top of a wood counter on the top of the room so that it is knocked down, which triggers to the reaction of a wheel, which thrusts him from his hiding spot! Then, use a small bit of conentration carbonate and quickly shoot him with your spud gun! Next, shoot the candle at the top of the far right of the room. Shoot the candle so the fire will burn the rope, and drop on the other criminal hiding behind the box. Shoot him with your spud gun. Now, for the chase. El Mustachio will escape! You must chase him through the desert on horseback! Stay a little behind him! Always keep a bit of distance so you can use your lasso to catch him! Move while attempting to catch him with the lasso! Careful, his horse is fast! Now, he is moving to fast to lasso him so chase him until you reach a river! Any river will work! I preffer the one near the ranch because it is close! Now, pull the villian back to Diamond Plains! Then, they lock el mustachio up for good! Congratulations! You have earned 100 credits after one of the hardest islands on Poptropica!
The official rating of The Poptropica Project:

Difficulty: 9.3/10
Funness: 9.4/10
enviroment: 9.5/10
overall rating: 93%: low A
hard to find items:

  • canary key: held by a canary on the mine in Rock Ridge. The mine is at the top of the area/rock ridge, and there is the canary carrying the key. To get it, shoot the canary with your spud gun, thus it will drop the key!
  • horse: recieve the horse by taming Elmer at mains street at the Ranch. (the horse’s name is Elmer)
  • Pea Shooter and Spud Gun: Receive these heavy duty cock guns by becoming the sherriff of town. To become the sherriff, you must get the horse elmer, deliver the girl’s message to the sherriff at Diamond plains by knowing who the sherriff at Diamon Plains is by winning the gum spitting game(phew), and then going to the get your potrait taken on main street and then finally going back to get your badge and gun! (phew). All of these are in the walkthrough
  • Blue Tulip: At the end of the mine in Rock Ridge
  • Oil can: gotten by trading the old saddle for the oil can, after you have used the gold pan to mine for gold
  • gold pan: recieved after trading the old saddle, which is given by the girl after helping her herd her calfs into the farm, and trading it for the gold pan.
  • gold map: recieved after winning a game of slapjack in the casino at Cactos. Use it to pan for gold using the gold pan
  • Map to hideout: One peice is given after you give the boy the blue tulip to heal his infflating noggin/head(cough). One part is found after finding it at the robbed bank later on in the story
  • medallion and victory: recieve after completing island! Hoo yeah!


Wimpy Wonderland Guide

for personal enjoyment, I present you: Manny…the snow truck driving, senior citizen car driving, mega hopping, ninja…he can jump higher than you…therefore he is ninja…

Upon entering mains street, go over to Greg. He will tell you that Manny has gone missing and you will need to search the house for clues. Go to Greg’s residency/abode to the left. Then, into the house. You will find nothing there excpept a diary entry by Greg. Go to his room and jump around until you hit the diary entry. There is also an adress book that is bright green on the right room of the top floor. Get that. Then, start your search on the other houses. Upon walking foward through the streets, there is a kid stuck in a snowman, and rodney outside. if you click on his door, then his dad becomes angry and says he is trying to work. Go to Rodney and ask him for his tobaggan. He says his dad wouldn’t allow him to lend it out. Nothing here, keep going left until you reach Gramma Street. There are patch of trees, a laundromat, and another house. Inside Greg’s grandma’s house, she says she will help you look for Manny if you shovel the street. You will need a shovel. Having nothing left to find on the left side of town, go over to mains street. Keep going right until you reach the school. At one of the evergreen trees, there is a scrap of paper with coordinates. Pick that up. The school is abandoned and closed so you can’t go in it. Keep going right. The retirment home, leisure towers, will not let anyone except people over 21 inside. Nothing there, keep going left. On Whirely street, you have finally found the long lost shovel! it comes with a price though! The kids on Whirley street are throwing snowballs! You must jump up/ dodge the snowballs until you reach the shovel! Once receiving the shovel, go back to Gramma street to shovel the person’s walk. There is a little game. you mist shovel/clear the driveway before you get too cold! Tips: When shoveling, shovel a large amount and move your mouse as quick as you can! Try to get as much as you can! Do not skip areas when shoveling! She said she wanted to look for manny soon, but she didn’t want to miss the early bird game of bingo at leasier towers. Go over to leisure towers (what a responsible grandmother I say sarcastically! Your own grandson is missing and you still want to win a game of bingo!). Now, Go back over to Rodney. Someone has stolen his bike! Then, talk to him and boom! Manny comes down, full speed, on his bike! Grab the bike. Back at Surrey street, Roddney is gone, but Manny is on mainstreet. Follow Manny’s every movement! If he jumps on a tree, do the same. etc. A loading sign will eventually occur and he will keep running to the school. So keep going over until you reach the kid that was building the snowman. What you want to do is go over the dropped carrot! Pick it up then head over to the school. Manny will be jumping up on the ledges and into the school. You do not have the ability to jump that high though and will need something else! BTw, before going to Act 2, just wanted to mention something; Why does the items you pick up have color but everything else not have color? WTH? Everyone knows color is because light bounces off of it…a black hole would suck light in so there’s no color then…cool! Black hole?! And Manny is a ninja!!!! Didya see him like jump on top of that building in like a second?! Ninnnjjaaaaa!!!!…..that’s what happens after 3 cups of java and 2 consecutive nights of 2 hour homework in a row….well, proceed to the hunt Act 2: Hunt for Manny You will need another resource. Go over to Surrey street then over to the kid stuck in the snowman that says “mrrff” whenever you click on him. Press use on the carrot and the carrot will go on and he will say “Can you get me out of here?”. You do not have the resources either to get him out! Go back to Surrey Street to Greg’s house. Greg is busy playing the twisted wizard video game. Inside Greg’s house, go over to the locked door/laundromat. There will be a note on it and you will need to examine it. It says, Frank Greg’s dad’s laundromat is broken and he took it there to examine. Again, you will need a chain of events to solve this mystery. If you try to reach the ledge that Manny jumped to, you won’t be able to jump that high, so instead, walk over to the trash bing and push the bin onto the left end of the sea – saw. The walk past the sea saw. Jump up on the tree as high as you can, then, jump onto the see – saw from that branch. If you land in the right spot, the bin should get plunged up to the first ledge of the school. If not, then start this step again.Then, once in the school chase Manny down the halls. A loading sign will appear as you chase him. Next,exit the school and go over to liesure towers. Jump up the flights until you get up the towers and chase for manny. he’ll run out the main door, but before you run out that door, look through all the lockers on the bottom floor, seeing if you can click on one. When you get the hand icon on one, click on it and then enter the numbers: 9, 37, 15 from the scrap of paper you found.. The locker door will open and you’ll find a Twisted Wizard game guide. Next, go to leisure towers and up the roof to search for Manny! Jump from window to window. You will have to dodge items thrown down by crabby old people! They will throw stuff down and slam windows to knock you off(sheesh! just trying to find a missing kid, seniors!) Here are tips: When jumping from window to window, do not go to windows that are opened and about to be slammed closed. when they open the windows, quickly JUMP to another window! Bingo! Also, the game uses a variation/coded factor to determine which windows open and close. If you keep hopping up ones on the side, normally they won’t open or slam close! And plus, if the ones on the side do knock you off, then you will merely be knocked to the ones on the middle! Go to the top and to the window of the very right. You will see it open. Go in. In it is Greg’s Grandfather. He is sleeping so click on him to wake him up. Talk to him and ask him where Manny is. He says he will tell you over lunch, which is actually another minigame. You will need to click your mouse as fast as you can to “keep your salad down”. It’s kindaf a funny game, too! You must click rapidly to keep your salad down or you stary burping like some freak…meanwhile, the old guy just talks and talks and talks about stuff like “Last monday a plumber came in and started fixing this faucet that was going like drip, drip, and drip” All you have to do is click as fast as you can until you finish the salad (icon at right). So i adivse you do this: 1. take a deeeeep breath…exhale….2. put two fingers (middle and pointer) on the mouse. Three. press start. Four: Go crazy! Just click as fast as you can like some sort of penguin on a sugar rush…Once you finish clicking (click the dialouge he is saying btw…rapidly!) then he will show you where Manny is through the security cams. He is riding…one of those old man cars…through….the base of the towers..once again…sigh…go down, but through the towers this time! If you knock on the people’s doors, they will tell you to go away. You can choose to walk through all 34 floors through the elevator (boy, creators,running out of ideas are we, eh?) yeah, they designed 34 floors just full of old people telling you different insults…you can choose to listen…nah, who am i kidding. Go out the window instead and Manny is gone. Go back to Greg’s house with the Twisted Wizard Guide. He’ll then give you the game and asks you to give that to Rowley. Rowley’s dad is pretty strict and uptight and all that stuff so don’t bother knocking on the door. Rowley will tell you not to jump on his car. Jump on it, then hide in the bushes. Once his dad comes out, quickly jump through the door into Rowley’s house! Then return the video game and tumbler bike to Rowley. He’ll give you a Joshie member card. Use that card to go back to Greg’s house so you can unlock the laundromat door. Click on the power switch there to turn off the power. Roderick will get angry and finall come out from the garage. Go down into the garage/roderick’s room and grab the leaf blower. Use the leafblower to melt the snowman, which is Freggley. He will give you a weird looking troll doll. Then, go back to the first floor of lesiure towers. Greg’s Grandma will give you a CD if you win a bingo game with her. Use the CD to drive the teens away at the snack store. Put the cd in the music box and crank up the noise! THe teenagers will be driven away! As a token of thanks, the owner will give you the anti freeze liquid.Run to the truck near the school and use the anti freeze liquid to unfreeze the car windshield. Complete the little minigame and the man will have his car all ready. Walk back to Surrey street to Greg’s house. Greg is playing video games and will tell you that Manny is most likely searching for his blanket. Exit the house and you will see Manny driving the car(ninjjjaaaa!). Keep going to Gramma street since the car will move the snow away from the laundromat! Walk in there and you will find Manny with..of course, his blanket. Click on him and then go outside. The whirley street kids are throwing snowballs…again! Help Greg push a snowball to squash them!!! YES! MY FAVORITE PART! DESTROYING YOUR ENEMIES WITH A TON OF SNOW IS FUN!…sorry, coffee…Sled home(cool! Rapid speed!) and Greg’s mom will congratulate you. Thank goodness she didn’t worry about Manny…what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her…Recieve the medallion and you are DONE. Happy hunting, ep out!

ps: Today’s been a really good day on the note of blogging! We did a Japanese warlord simulation and whenever we have two armies in one province, we have showdowns by answering school questions to take them out! I battled my way in the showdown without missing ANY through three provinces and captured their capital and ruled their nation!!!! muuahahahahahaha!!!! by the next few weeks…we might rule all of Japan in the simulation …plus: no homework, got passed a hard part on Poptropica, all school write tomorrow…time to roll…


Red Dragon Island Mega Pack

My favorite scene/part from the island, the cliff hanger:

Maybe some of you have waited for a LONG, tedious amount of time for this…well…it’s finally here…the mega pack for

Our rating:

difficulty: 7.5/10

enviroment: 9/10

Funness: 8.7/10

overall grade: A-
Hard to find items:

-parchment paper: Thrown from Jack and Annne when you go right on the entrance of the Edo Fortress.

-Bonsai Siccors: Obtained after you fix the bridge with the bag of mortar from the garden west of Edo and the Sumo Wrestlers come marching over it. Obtained on the bridge when a person drops it.

-Kimono: Obtained in the Bonsai Shop, given with the passport by the woman there.

-ninja gear: ninja stars, smoke bomb, bo stick, ninja armor, Shiko (note, CANNOT keep and use after you’re done with island…awwwww) :Given during training.

-bag of mortar: Taken from the garden west of Edo.

-Rotten Fish used for catching kumo: Obtained on the steps of the market of Edo, just outside of the garden.

The guide:

Act 1: Welcome to Ancient Japan
Upon entering the island, you will find yourself in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. The place is the home of Anna and Jack. Get

a feel of your sorroundings. There’s not much to do in this first part except stroll around town. Go to the far right of the town.

A small cut scene will occur. It will show Anna and Jack saying “Hurry, let’s get up to the treehouse!”. Follow them up. To do so,

jump on the rubber tire near the far right end of the yard. It will break. You can start rolling it. Keep rolling it out of the

yard and left through the town. You will pass many buildings, most of them closed. THe quiet library is the multiplayer room.

There is also a magic tree house shop if you feel like buying any real world books. Keep rolling it until you get to the woods.

Roll it down and up the rolling hills. Keep rolling until you hit the base of the treehouse. First, go to the left of the base of

the treehouse to get Jack’s glasses. Then, carefully push it until you reach the foot of the ladder. Be careful where you jump and

then jump up onto the ladder. Climb up into the treehouse. Jack will be cranky and angry at you for getting into their treehouse.

Return the glasses to him and then head to the left of the treehouse to get a book of the history of FRog Creek. The treehouse is

filled with drawings on past adventures such as books, knights, pirates and mummies. Anna will say “We couldn’t have gone far into

Japan without those, thanks!” Talk to Anna and she’ll say pick up that book and we’ll show you how this treehouse works. She’ll

also explain to you stuff about the treehouse…if you know math, you’d know it’s physically impossible. You’d have to be smaller

than an atom to get through the hole in space and time…just saying…:/….Go to the right and get a book labeled Japan history.
Anna will tell you to point to it and say I wish we can go there…click use on the book and your adventure shall begin! The

entire treehouse will start RUMBLING. It will move out of the tree and whisk through the air…don’t fall out. Next thing you

know, you’ll be in some ancient tree with butterflies everywhere. Climb out of the treehouse. They will give you a magical amulet

to return to the treehouse whenever you need it. You’ll need it. You’ll also need to find a kimono, traditional Japan uniform to

blend into your new country. If you click on a farmer near you, they will say “I can’t be seen near a foreigner!”. Guess you’ll

need to find a Kimono. Keep going left until you hit a pair of armed guards. They will say “No passport, you’re coming with us!”.

Next thing you know, you’ll be in a prison cell, locked up by the samurai, their daimyos(rulers…ughh…history class :P ) and

will be in a cell. There will be another man in there. If you ever want to see light again, you’ll have to talk to him…otherwise

there’s no way in getting back to any other island…again 0_0. Talk to the man in the cell with you. If you ask him “is there a

way out?” he’ll say that he has been there for 20 years! There are tallies on the wall, too. And an empty rice bowl means there’s

not much food in the prison. You’ll have to find another way out, so long for that resource! THat didn’t work! Now that you have

knowledge that the cell doesn’t work, use your amulet to find a way out! Exit the treehouse again. Go over to the first house you

see across a tranquil river.Go into the room and talk to the women. Ask her for a komino. She’ll say she has plenty and will need

you to take your pick! Take any from the shelf. Coincedentally, in the Kimono’s pocket is a passport! Now you can escape the

guards! Told ya there was a way out, prisoner! Now, pass the guards and go left. If you want, you can customize the samurai’s

awesome, pretentious armor. (planning on making a new costume like that for the blog! Check out the costumes page!). You will be

hiding under a fence and will see two guards take Jack and Anna away for not having passports! Give chase to the guards across the

towering bridge and city roads. Go left. When crossing the bridge, a man will say that the bridge is cracked and won’t hold too

many people.” Hint hint. Head through the city and to the samurai’s fortress. Talk to a local marketer selling squid and fish. Ask

him if you could break into their fortress. He’ll say “you have better chances catching a Kappa with a rotten bait.” In other

words, chances are nil…very nil…like one out of a hundred. Go to the stairway in front of that and pick up the dead fish on

that…hint hint, will come in handy. To the left, for personal entertainment, there is a dancing dragon…yay…Enter the

fortress…be cautious and wary. It goes pretty high up above the clouds (you can see white mist below). There is a huge lock

sorrounding the front door. Talk to the lady there with the spear. She will say that she heard voiced crying for help inside, but

the lock’s too big! She said the legendary ninja master dissapeared long ago and had been in there by climbing through the cliff.

Time to find this ninja master! First, go to the far right of the cliff and a peice of parchment paper will fall. Pick it up. If

you click on the cliff, it says that “I’ll need claws like a lion to climb those!”. Examine the parchment paper. It will say dear

undefined undefined (my poptropica glitched up name). “We are locked inside and need your help. THe shogun has the wand of

Dithmus, it is a very powerful weapon. You will need to find the ninja master west of the city for help! His name is Basho!”

Act 2: The search for Basho.

Head down through the fortress and prepare to go to the west of the city. Go down and then keep going left through the city. There

are more markets such as a person selling paintings. You’ll probaly need her later on to duplicate a picture. There will also be

these woman striking poses. Quickly pass them and then go left. You’ll be in some ancient garden with shrines and alters. Go

through the garden and pick up the bag of mortar. Then hop the stones pass the river and keep going left through the quiet area.

You’ll hit a shed. Enter it. There will be the ninja master! There will be swords and such in the room, the longsword, the blade

for the traditional Japanese warrior. Talk to the ninja master there. Looks like the man is only a servant of his. He said Basho

was in the market buying eggs. Head back to the market again. You will find that the dragon dancers near the base of the fortress

had stopped dancing. The samurai claimed they stole a fish from the market. All of the dancers said that they didn’t do it. Ask

the first samurai if you can help! A short minigame of knowledge and algebric thinking will ensue (good thing I’m in 8th grade

advanced math!). You’ll have to go through their sayings one by one and they’ll each say something like “I was next after him in

the dance” or “I was next after the mustache dude.” The officer will arrest the person (at the back of the line) who was guilty!

The samurai will also need you to deliver a betting slip for sumo wrestling while he worked on the arrest slip. If you keep going

left and then up the flight of stairways, the sumo wrestling tournament doesn’t begin for quite awhile. Then, go down towards the

bridge and go under the bridge! You will need to catch Kappa! Use the fish near a small boat and fisherman parked there. A short

minigam will occur and you will put out the rotten fish with a net to catch the kappa! First, use the bee nest on top of you to

click and fire some bees towards a hole in the tree. They will buzz around there. Next, click on the frog to make it jump. But

before doing so, click on the log to make a fire so that the fire catches to a branch and the branch causes the lamp in the left

hand corner to light up! Then, click on the boulder so the kappa cannot escape through one of the holes. Then, click on the rotten

fish. The kappa will try to escape through the middle lilipad. Click on the frog so it jumps on the middle lilipad and boom! You

caught it! And then you catch the Kappa but the fisherman takes all the credit! He doesn’t give you anything, either! Next, go to

the bridge. Use the mortar so you can repair it! The minigam will ensue. The columns are breaking down. There are a variety of

different bricks to use. You must put each peice in the columns until they all match up! You’ll know if the peice fits in since it

will flash bright yellow. If it doesn’t try more peices. Remember, peices on the left column are tilted to the left, and the right

column tilted to the right. Because of your bridge construction, the sumo wrestlers can now hold their match! These big fast

wrestlers will start to come over the bridge! On the bridge, the massive stomping of the wrestlers made a man drop his bonsai

trimmers. Get the silver trimmers and head back to the building in the forest where you got the kimono’s. Click use on the

trimmers and a minigame will ensue in which you have to trim the bonsai. To win the simple game, just slowly move your mouse over

the plant and cut it to match the picture. Cut carefully and examine every detail. Then, a man will come after you won the game.

He wants to buy the bonsai. The old lady offers him 100 yuan. He claimed that the sumo wrestlers wouldn’t start unless they had a

bonsai in their dressing room. Head back to the sumo wrestling area in the city. Enter the arena. If you ask the man dressed in

blue on the bet you made for the samurai on the yokunaza, he’ll claim you can take the winnings after the samurai crushes the poor

fool 0_0…someone’s been eating big macs…Go over to a man dressed in black with the yokunaza. He says that the opponent

wouldn’t come on an account of cowardice. Ask if you can help. He wants you to copy down a signature for Yokunaza. You’ll have to

play a short minigam in copying chinese words (A DREAM COME TRUE. IVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEEEEAAARSS.) Go over to the other end

and ask for the man to take his place for he ism too scared to wrestle! Then, a sumo wrestling match shall begin! Jump around! Try

to not fall off of the ring! Whenever he smashes onto the ground, jump up the opposite way but not too far! He’s slow at first,

but eventually, he’ll go into insane mode and charge at you. As soon as you see his face turn red, jump tremendously high over

him! (Did you know, on islands and contests like this, you can use time freeze to freeze time? You can use store items whenever

you’re fighting a boss, too! See if some of them can help you (time freeze!). Then, when he falls off, you’ll win! Then, the

samurai will approach you and say “I lost! I’m going to make things very difficult for you! Let’s see a closer look at that

passport!”. Your character will not find his passport. Then, the servant of Basho appeared to be really him! He comes to you and

says “Let him go, guards. My student left his passport at home.” so the guards will let you go! Basho will leave. Go back to the

garden and to the little house in the middle of the pond. Basho will say that since you helped the townspeople, your training can

Act 3: Ultimate Ninja Training
Basho will begin his training. Your first assignment is to wear ninja clothes…AWESOME. customize the ninja clothes. Also, you

will find items and ornaments have been added to your inventory. The second item are the ninja claws. They let you climb from wall

to wall…ding. Now you can get in the base…but without more inventory items. Your assignment will to climb a tree with them and

grab the red ribbon in the far tree. Now, you’ll need the throwing stars for your next peice of training

(…meheheheheheheheheheh…assasination time…) Select the throwing stars by clicking on the NINJA tool in the left hand

corner…poptropica has gotten epic over the times…Throw the flame on the candle out by pointing to it and then throwing. Also

cut the rope holding the bag. Next up is smoke bombs! Equip them and blast the dummy to peices! Now…we need a real moving

target…0_0…Next up, time for the bo staff(no numbchucks? Awwww..) With the bo staff, press space to defend yourself from

basho’s orange attacks (he’ll throw oranges at you). To vault in the air with the staff, run and then press space. Try starting

from the very end and then jumping onto the branch below the ribbon, and then getting the ribbon. The last phase is your grappling

hook. Tip on the bo btw: To go faster, move the mouse downard and press. After the training, you need to pass a final mission! He

wants you to meet at the wall. Go further into the garden and talk to him. The most important task, he tells you, is to fix the

wall! A minigame will ensue. Move the bricks until they match together. After you match the bricks, you will ask what ninja skills

that teached you. “It didn’t teach you anything, I just needed my wall fixed,” he saYS…-_-…There’s something called…A WORKER

FOR HIRE…CHEAP…LOOK IN THE CLASSIFIEDS SECTIONS. Before you leave, he’ll say one more thing “Bring me the shogun. I have some

unfinished business.”…0_0…wonder what he’s gonna do to him. lol, it’d be funny if he went like “NOW…I’VE FINALLY FOUND

YOU…can I have the dollar back I gave you to spend?” ;) …wut if this prediction comes tru?! Precede to Act 4.

Act 4: The Raid into Edo Castle(split into several more subparts)

act 4: part 1: Cliffhanger:
 Go back to the fortress. Remember these things: You need to be stealthy, you need to look for traps at every corner in the

fortress, you need to find a way to get past them…and you need to be…NINJA…just felt like saying that ;) . Climb up the walls

and then onto the rope on the right edge of the cliff. Go right across the cliff. There will be another obstacle, two side to side

cliffs. Use this method: Jump from one side to another. If you hit a black patch, jump to the other side. Then, head back onto the

second cliff. There will be another one of these side by side cliffs. Climb from area to area, jump high. On the edge of the final

cliff, climb up the rope on the top. ARGGGHH. Just when you thought it would end. THere’s a series of ropes and cliffs for you to

climb again until you reach the top of those. If you fall, try climbing back onto a peice of rock to not fall all the way

down…if you do…like…all the way down…start from the beggining of this paragraph. There will be several more series of

cliffs. This time with a banging log. Once you get to the area with the log, quickly jump to the other patch of rock as high as

you can! Once at the top, go left.

act 4: part 2: The ramparts and secret structure
Now you’re on the ramparts of the fortress. Use your ninja vision to seek out enemies, and then avoid them and try to get past the

samurais. There’s only one for the first part of the ramparts. Jump on the roofs of the buildings and then after passing him, go

left. Once you reach close to the building at the end, climb onto the wall of it and then jump down as left as you can! You should

barely avoid the samurai…with the bowl of noodles…akward silence…climb onto the next pillar and jump onto the broken window.

Enter it. Inside the building, use your ninja stars to cut the rope that is attachted to a brick pillar. Precede down to the next

level. Down here is a place where you can use your grappling hook. Click on the ring above to swing past the soldier and area to

the other side (just like spy movies!). As you continue down, you’ll pick up a peice of a haiku that beigns with “my own

clothing”, most likely from Basho…probaly been here before. There is a series of metal spikes. Now you have to vault over it.

Gather some momentum after running from the other end and vault!If you vault too far you won’t make it. If you vault to closely,

the spikes will get you. After vaulting over, you’ll need to do the same cliff climbing technique to get a key at the bottom room.

Continue going through the building. Careful at this next part. There is a samurai guarding the area. If you are caught…all the

way back from the beggining. After you get the key, head all the way back up to the place with the first guard. When he is looking

the opposite way, drop down onto the layer and through a hole to the bottom area. If the guards down on the next level see you,

it’s not over. Jump over them and keep running. As long as they don’t hit you, you’re fine. Continue across the bottom layer until

As you enter the middle of the room and see the second guard, use a smoke bomb on him. He will say “Ahhh, my eyes!” and you can

run past him as quick as you can! You will see another ring where you can grapple. Don’t do it. It’ll only mess you up. Climb up

until you hit the big locked door. With the key, you can now ascend into it. For this next layer, you must keep remain in the

shadows. First, throw out the light in the first row. Then go to the second layer and throw out the next light with a soldier by

it. Descend down the stairs. Careful, there is a guard on the second flight. Throw a smoke bomb down at him. Then throw another

smoke bomb at the soldier in the row you’re in right now. If you throw a ninja star at the soldier, he’ll catch you. Use the bomb

and quickly sneak past him to the bottom layer. On the bottom layer, jump as far left as you can. If you jump right, there is a

soldier there. Now go left and click on a ring. Swing above some spike shooter to get a key on top of it. Go back to the soldier

and blind him quickly with a smoke bomb. Climb up the flight of stairs. Careful! On one of the middle ones there is a guard!

Quickly blind him and climb up the next fligh at fast as you can! There are spikes above so DON’T JUMP THAT HIGH. On one of the

flights to the right there is also a peice of Haiku! Get that. Climb up to the top and avoid the metal spikes! Then enter the

door. Now you’re in the next room. Same thing, stay to the shadows. Shoot to the top of the light right of you and quickly sneak

past the first samurai. Then use a grapple hook to swing across the room. Use your ninja stars to shoot the strings holding the

blocks. Keep going past them until you hit another samurai. Blind him with the bombs and keep going through the top area. Then

keep going until you hit a giant gaping frefall zone. Slowly climb down until you reach one of the areas with the key. Get the key

and head down to the bottom layer. Blind the samurais with your smoke bombs and keep going through this layer until you hit

another freefall area climb up this one until you reach the level that accesses it. There are no ninjas in this level. Watch out

for spikes, though. The trickiest part is yet to come! Continue through the level and watch out for flying needles. Wait on the

edge of this layer for a wave of needles to come. Then when it’s over, vault up the wall to the right of the room! CAREFUL!

Vaulting too far can lead to a freefall all the way back down! If you vault too far, land in the block in the midair of this

freefall area. Then use the grapple hook ring above you! Before you swing, remember to throw a ninja star to cut the rope holding

a layer of wood. Then swing as far as you can to land in the next compartment. If you fall to one of the blocks in the middle,

just start from the left end, gather up speed, and carefully vault onto the fallen wooden block and then go into the room. In

there will be the door to the next layer! But before heading to the other layer, you will also need to find the last peice of the

haiku! It should be mentioned the last peice is on the bottom layer below the wooden plank in midair. Then, enter the building

after saying the password!

Act 4: Part 3: The final showdown.
Inside, the Daimyo will say “Touch me and you’ll never see your friends alive again! If you get near the black dressed warrior, he

will hit you with his katana! He also will say that he has hidden the key somewhere you will never find it. There’s no use going

against him, so you will need to look for a different solution. Then what you need to do it throw a ninja star at the rope holding

their cage. THe cage will collapse. And everyone will sorround the daimyo. He’ll summon the red dragon with his wand since he

wants it to “smite my enemies” 0_0…you’re not a very nice guy…you know…he could just slice us with that sword -_-…Then all

these comets and meteors will start raining down! The entire fortress of Edo will be on fire since Anne will say that no one can

control the fiery of the Red Dragon. She’ll ask the Daimyo to give her the wand so she can save everyone. She summons the cloud

dragon and you are teleported to Mount Fuji where it is still raining meteors and heavy fiery objects. They will ask you to climb

to the top to summon the cloud dragon (picture above). At the top, you actually get to climb on the cloud dragon and control it!

(best thing you’ve done so far creators…epic dragon chase). Now a massive showdown will occur! You will need to keep the house

from burning down AND defeat the red dragon! Go up back to the clouds if you run out of water! After all the flames on the

buildings are extinguished, fire rapdily at the red dragon to take as much health down as possible! Tips: Did you know you can try

it on easy mode? You won’t lose any water! (To get past it quick, I tried it on EASY mode!) Also, don’t just put out the flames!

If you’re doing it on easy mode, click down ALL the time so you’ll always have a continues jet of water! When you meet with the

red dragon, don’t stop spraying! KEEP spraying as much as you can until he lights another home on fire. Remember, extinguish flame

first, then deal with dragon. After you are victorious, you will be back in the city and Basho will appear. He will explain how

the daimyo was his trained brother and how he “went evil and caused all this destruction” and blah, blah, blah. The brother will

ask for forgiveness and Basho will say something like “Let’s make Edo beautiful again.” Jack will also say “Let’s get out of here

before they start hugging us!”…okay then…Use your magical amulet to teleport back to the treehouse. Wait…let’s see what

would happen if we head BACK to the fortress…nvm…it just says my work here is done. Nothing else to do on the island. Teleport

back to the treehouse and you’ll be off in time again to Frog Creek…bye bye Japan…see you on CNN when the nuclear reactor has

a meltdown after the earthquake and tsunami there…You will teleport back to frog creek once at the treehouse! They’ll give you a

medallion…NICE WORK…island complete.

took me a long time…gonna take a break…LONG BREAK….ahhhh…halo and dinner time…



Shrink Ray Island Guide!

difficulty: 9/10



average grade: B


The guide:

When you arrive in the island, go directly to the school and into the room of the science fair. All the other science fair stands

are on display except one group’s display. They say that their pupil and star winner is missing. Talk to one of the girls next to

the empty stand and ask how you can help. They will say that you could go check in her apartment on Avenue A. Now head down right

ofd you to Avenue A. Go to the house at the far end. A cat will get in the house, and you will have to shoo it out! Chase the cat

in the kitchen until it enters an open room. Enter that room in the middle of the house. Enter the bathroom and chase him back out

of there. Then the cat will dissapear without going through an open door. The door was closed. Check the house for clues on CJ’s

dissapearance. Go to CJ’s room to the left and click on the microscope. There will be a note saying: “my invention’s been stolen!

Think small!” And then a man will come with a gun and shoot you. You will be shrinked small to miniature size! You will need to

travel through the house to the kitchen.Along the way you will see drawers, peices of fuzz, books, and clothing. You will

encounter a computer with a password note stuck to it. When asked for the password, if you type My Hero (which is the password on

the note), then it will still be invalid! You will also encounter a TV remote without batteries as well as a toy car. You’ll be

using those later! Now inside the kitchen, you’ll need to reach a scrap of paper with clues, but keep going right to the edge of

the shelf. There will be a bag of cat food. You’ll need to push the bowl of cat food on the ground directly linear/straight to the

bag of cat food. Jump on top of it and cat food should fall in. Next, jump to the right light fixture and then to the top right

shelf containing flower and sugar. Tip a can of oil over, and it should be be dripping oil. When the cat food bowl is full, move

it towards the bottom of the table, get on top of the food, and jump! You should land on the farthest right table where the note

is on! Click on the note. It will say that the paper smells like lemon juice! Next up, go on over to the left of the room on the

counter where you will see a brown rolling thingamajig. Roll it towards the kettle, and the kettle will move! The steam of the

kettle should push you onto the place where the oil is at, but you’ve already tipped it over. Also, go to the left side of the

kitchen. Jump on the shelves at the far end of the counter until you hit a screwdriver! You will obtain it! While at the left side

of the kitchen, take the toaster’s cord and plug it into the outlet. You will need to get to the remote on top of the fridge, but

will not have enough weight. Go back allll the way to the fruit tablet and get a grape from the place using the cat food jumping

technique. Carry the grape back to the toaster. Carrying the grape, jump on the toaster switch so you’ll have enough weight. Then

jump on the toaster. It should send you flying through the air. Do this several times until you finally reach the remote on top of

the fridge. Do not go to the hot part of the toaster/main part. Go to the switch until and push down/release until it flings you

up to the top shelf. Push the salt shaker on the shelf to the far left end. There will be a spatula. Push it so it rests on the

bottom of the spatula. Next, jump on the other side of the spatula, and it will flind you to the top of the fridge where the

remote is! Grab the remote control. Now, go over to the living room floor where there is a toy truck. You must use the screwdriver

to unscrew the battery case. Get the battery and clip that into the TV remote battery on the table in the living room. Now go to

the remote and press the big green button. It should turn the TV on. Go up to the top of the tv and collect static from the

atanneas. Now jump really far to the green balloon! Your static should let you stick (cooolz!). Now float with the balloon until

you reach a group of pictures on the wall. Jump on them until you keep going left and reach the shelf with fish food! Pour the

fish food down into the tank/push it. The fish will be mollified and no longer grouchy. Turn the water filter of the tank off,

jump into the tank, and grab the key to the diary! Now jump through the room to the top shelf until you reach her diary. It is on

the top shelf. Jump up the book shelf to the plant on top and then to the top shelf to reach it. Unlock the diary! Inside the

diary, you will find a page is torn out with specific drawings! One of the drawings contained the lemon paper you obtained! Go

back to the computer room and turn on the switch at the top of the lamp. You’ll need another peice of paper to shine under the

light. You’ll need that inside the trash can in then kitchen! Prepare for another maze! Now, go to the bottom floor of the kitchen

and push the sponge so that it is directly under the spray bottle. Jump on the sponge and then on the spray bottle, and then enter

the trash can maze! There will be a maze game inside! You will have to click on objects and move them. Careful, one false move

could make it so that an entire column collapses on you! First when you are at the start, move the can of tuna to the right. Then,

move the next peice of cheese to the left so the column does not collapse on you. Jump up through the top and keep going! Move the

next can of milk to the right. Keep going down. Don’t head to the left path! Head to the right one! Next, go right and then push

the tuna can in the second column/shelf on the wall down. It should make an open space/area for you to stand on. Stand on it and

then use it as support so you can pull the next tuna can out! The column should collapse making space for you to walk over the top

of it! Go over and get that slip of paper! Exit the trash can. The paper will say “The Thief is right out the door! I’ll shrink

myself to get the shrinkray and then get him later.” Go back to the diary and match up the torn page you found in the trash can.

There will be a simple formula for the lemon paper: Lemon+paper+light when you match it up. Place the paper under the light.Jump

on the lamp a few times so the light is completely showing on the paper! It will say: look for me at th eshcool coordinates X87

Y16. Go to the telescope at the far end of the room and onto the X/Y switches. On the X switch, run right on top of it so the

switch moves. Do this for the X/Y gears until it reads X87 Y16. You’ll also need a morse code for this part. Get the morse code

pamphlet on the CJ’s bed. You’ll also need a thumb drive from under CJ’s bed. To do that, you’ll need to blow the dust away. Jump

on the fan so it goes lower so you can reach the switch. Hit the switch, and 3d fan will turn on (nice 3d graphics, creators! :D).

Turn the fan off and then get the thumb drive under the bed. You will notice you cannot go back to the telescope since your way is

blocked. Go back to the computer room and to the themometer above the computer.  Turn the heat up to the red spot. Also, go to the

computer and plug the thumb drive in. The password for the labtop should be m4ri3cur13. Go back to the bedroom and tip the

trashcan over. It should float up because of the heat of the vent. Go back to the telescope and look through it. CJ should flash

you a message with her flashlight. Translated through morse code, it reads: “Flush the thumbdrive.” A morse code reading game will

occur, but if you don’t want to do it, just type in the answer: flush the thumbdrive. She will want you to flush it…literally.

Go to the bathroom and enter it. Jump up the half open drawers. Go right when on the counter and past the sink to two light

switches. Jump on the right knob/switch. Next, go up to the hair dryer on the rack left of the sink. Jump on the red switch to

make warm air come out. Then, jump on the right of the hair dryer to make it tilt. Now, jump directly in front of the dryer. The

heat should push you up and to the shower! You will be in it! Go to the water dispenser on the shower and turn the warm knob.

Water should come out! You’ll also need to push a soap bar in from on a fixture in the wall. Keep going over past the bath

tub/jump out until you reach the toiler. Use the thumbrdrive/drop it in. Then jump on the toiler paper and then on the handle. As

soon as you flush it, a voice will come from the living room saying “drat, where did she hide that darned thumb drive?” Go back to

the bedroom near the telescope. CJ will flash you another signal titled: “Thief is MR Silva. You will see a dark figure pass through the room of the science classroom where CJ is located at flashing you the signals! You have to get back to the school to save her. Get back to the toy car. Drive it and put the battery back in from the TV remote. Ride to the bed/computer room. There will be a stack of books blocking the way. Climb up to the bookshelf and push a book named “Tess Tree” down (wt….). That will act as a ramp for you to ride over! Then, a short miniscene will ensue. You’ll jump across the ramp and break straight through the  window. What a ride :D. Now, you’ll need to play a game. Keep driving the car through the streets, but as it goes watch for things that you should avoid and not hit like sewer drains, leaky fire hydrants, and shoes and skateboards. Make your way to Mr. Silva’s office. At the end you will find CJ talk to her. CJ will say that Mr. Silva has always been a great teacher, but stole the shrink ray for himself. A minigame will ensue. You must run from the evil teacher with the shrink ray. He says he would shrink you so small no one would ever see you! In the minigame, you will need to constantly be on the run. Tips/strategy for the final showdown: Hide behind any object that will cover you! Books, scraps of paper, chemistry bottles are all examples! Make your way to the far end of the room while hiding. Then, jump to the table of the far end of the room. Go behing the earth globe. It will  be shrinked when the laser is fired. The globe should roll down. Next, push the globe to the chair in the middle of the room. Jump on it to reach the chair. Climb up from the chair to the table. Get on the table and behind a stack of books for cover! Your next move will be the winning move! Go over to the mirror. The shrink ray will bounce back when it tries to hit you, and shrink the teacher instead! The teacher will land inside an ant colony container…scary 0_0. Now, go down and flip the switch on the watch on the shrink ray device. It will maximize you to normal size! She will give you a medallion AND 100 whooping credits to spend! Her next science project is “the incredible shrunken man.” xD. It’s the teacher that got shrunk by the way :). Thanks for reading this guide.


  1. Changed link to http://poptropicastation.blogspot.com/


  3. how do you beat twisted wizard????????

  4. Ugh! Does anyone know the password to CJ’s computer on Shrink Ray Island?

    • M4r13 Cur13

      you have to have capitals.

  5. Read Tess Tree @ http://www.funbrain.com/books/tesstree/book.html
    (and nice guide elmo_pwns) Password is M4r13Cur13

  6. Your blog is beautiful!! I featured this page on my blog too.
    Click 😉

  7. Scary Shark, there is a website that has CJ’s password. It’s called poptropicasecrets. Oh, and elmopwns, LOVE the site!!!!!

  8. It’s the draggony bit that’s a bit haywire…

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